Relationship Confirmed for The Big Bang Theory Season Three

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Perhaps having learned a lesson from shows that dragged out possible relationships for far too long (see Anatomy, Grey's), The Big Bang Theory isn't messing around with two of its main characters any longer.

When the sitcom come back for a third season - following the main quartet's return from its Arctic adventure - Penny and Leonard will give dating a try.

"we’re going to pursue a relationship between these two characters,” executive producer Chuck Lorre told TV Guide Magazine. “After the dance they’ve been doing for two years, it’s the right thing to do.”

Okay, guys. It looks like we can all start hating actor Johnny Galecki now.

Penny and Leonard

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I love the show and all the characters, but this second season I leaned more towards Penny and Sheldon as the endgame couple. I think it would be surprising and sweet as both characters have gotten closer and have developed more. I haven't seen much growth with Leonard's character, and I don't see much chemistry between him and Penny other than a close friendship. I think Sheldon would be capable of having a relationship as he loves his mother and perhaps even "meemah", so he's not a complete robot, and I think that he and Penny could complement eachother and challenge/learn from each other whereas Leonard's main focus seems to be intercourse with a pretty girl(ugh). But that's my opinion! Anyway, it's a funny show regardless of who couples up.


I am disapointed in this. I find that Penny and Leonard have no romantic or comedic chemsitry together. I find it all fine and well that this may create more storylines, but if two people just do not mesh well onscreen, it just doesnt work. I for one really hope they are not the main focus, as I think that would take away the comedic element of the show. I am not saying I want Penny and Sheldon in a relationship per say, but, I am sick of hearing people say they never want Sheldon's character to change. Well if the show stays on for how many more seasons, I hope elements of Sheldon stay the same, but I also look foward to character growth and watching him experience things he never had before. Just my two cents.


Im glad they are going to write the characters into a relationship. shows cant stay funny doing the same things over and over and over...ok theres a few animated exceptions, but thats beside the point. Think of it as giving the other characters new material. with penny and leonard actually having a relationship and having all the awkwardness that will bring, it also allows the other characters to have their own scenes, without being backdrop for leonards pining/whining. who knows, raj might learn to talk, and howard might do something smart. as for sheldon, please never change him, CBS. unless...he were to have a near death experience, which makes him aware of his own mortality and the need to pass on his seed in hopes that his child will continue his work and become a genius just like him. imagine sheldon trying to find a suitable woman to have a child with. ya, that would be episodes of hilarity


Penny and Lenard are the best couple! It would ruin Sheldon's character to be in a relationship, he wouldn't be as funny!


Thank you for your support, Bittany! The funny thing about TBBT is of course the interactions between Sheldon and Penny. But it is more a sibbling-behaviour than a romantic one. Sheldon is not the type that has a relationship. He does not depend on people.
Look at Leonard's mother. She is quite similar to Sheldon and even she as a woman is not able to have a real warm relationship with his son. So how should Sheldon ever have a relationship with a girl?
Do you remember the episode when Sheldon met a girl who was interested in his science and forced him to do more research? This Nowitzki girl... He never showed any personal interest in her. And if Sheldon EVER will have a relationship it will be with someone nearly as intelligent as him. But I think that he would be fine to be all alone for the rest of his life.
Therefore Leonard really seeks for personal happiness and is able to realize when he bores someone to death with his thoughts. I think that this relationship will be good for Leonard. And of course for Sheldon as well.


I agree with Claudia. I've been waiting for a real Leonard and Penny thing since the Halloween Party episode. I think the two have great chemistry in their scenes, it just doesn't always cause the riots of laughter that Penny and Sheldon scenes do, I think if Penny and Leonard's scenes were like that, the relationship wouldn't seem real.


I was absolutely SICK when I read this! I basically watch Big Bang Theory FOR Penny and Sheldon and their smokin' hot chemistry. I thought the writers were making it clear that they were moving away from the Penny/Leonard relationship in the last season. Now they drop this bomb on us!! Why can't they see that there is virtually no chemistry between Penny and Leonard, but that Penny and Sheldon burn up the screen when they're on it? I really don't understand... I hope that they will get all this out of their systems and go forward with Penny and Sheldon (very slowly mind you) in future seasons.


I just started watching the show, because I enjoyed the interactions between Sheldon and Penny. I think I'll have to pass Lenoard and Penny.


I can't wait to see what they do with this dating relationship... even if it takes a little more dancing to get there, it will be fun to watch them!! As for Sheldon, I think that the last couple of episodes exposed him as gaining more social skills than I thought possible... it would be funny to see some sort of relationship for him, even if its a nerd girl who is actually interested, and he just has some sort of "use" for.


I like the two of them together! I always hope for it!
Sheldon/Penny is just ridicoulus! Sheldon is not able to have a real relationship with anyone else than himself. I am not even sure if the character of Sheldon is able to love someone.
A relationship with somebody would destroy the charakter of Sheldon.

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