Jorja Fox Previews Return to CSI

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It's no longer a secret: Jorja Fox is reprising the role of Sara Sidle on CSI for at least five episodes this season.

In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine, the actress speaks on what brought her back to the show and how Sara's storyline will play out. Here are a couple excerpts:

On what prompted her return: Around March, I felt really rested and was itching to work. When I was in Atlanta [filming a guest shot on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva], I got the call about CSI.... That was a surprise, so I’m going back to work and it’s with the same people who I’ve worked with for eight years in the past. I was thrilled!

Jorja Fox

On why Sara is coming back: I think all I can really say is the team has had a rough year - there has been a lot going on - and so Sara comes back mostly just to see if she can help for a while, because she loves those guys and she misses them.

As previously reported, the departure of Lauren Lee Smith as Riley Adams will also help open the door for Sara's addition to the team.

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