Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: George's Coffin

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In case there were any doubt that the unusual behind-the-scenes Grey's Anatomy photos we were able to find and post yesterday afternoon showed the cast filming a funeral scene at a cemetery, this image ought to clear it up. May Dr. George O'Malley rest in peace ...

The Coffin

After a cliffhanger left us hanging in May, this clears up doubts. The doctors of Seattle Grace will mourn their fallen colleague George early in the upcoming sixth season.

Here are a few more shots of co-stars Katherine Heigl and a very pregnant Ellen Pompeo on the outdoor set of Grey's Anatomy. Click to enlarge the thumnails below ...

Very Pregnant!
Grieving Izzie
Filming a Scene
Pompeo, Heigl

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I wish Shonda didn't kill him off, I wish he just joined the army and dissapeared. I think that ending would have been better, but that's just my opinion. And for the people that said George never found any real happiness; do you really think everyone in the real world is happy and have found happiness? Life is not rainbows and cupcakes, not everyone finds their soulmate or whatever. Some just get hit by a buss and some get cancer. Sad, but that's life.


how would they hide ellen's baby bump?
its pretty obvious


This is going to be a sad premiere. Sad, sad, sad. The coffin makes it even more real. I do believe that TR has the open door to make the lost episode, if not for the show, for the fans. That'd make a lot of people happy.


While it is ridiculously sad that shonda decided to take George's character off the show by dying instead of just sending him to the military (as I was expecting), I thought the way she did it was brilliant and I did not expect that coming at all. Since she knew there was no chance at all of TR coming back, she did a spectacular job of keeping the viewers (even those who read the spoilers)on their toes and had me in tears, where as if he just walked off, it wouldn't have caused nearly as much interest. And to those who said George didn't die happy, well shonda at least gave him Amanda in the end.


this is heartbreaking. even though we've known for months now it still hurts.


I know S. If George had been happy this season, it would have been easier to see him die. Everyone else found love and happiness. He wasn't even allowed a solo surgery like all the others. Alex got two this season and he didn't get one. Even when he found trauma, he lost his five patients.Lexie gets one and saves him. At the wedding, George was all by himself. They didn't even invite him to join the wedding party and he looked miserable. It just feels as if Shonda hated the character. Why else would she do all this to him? Even if TR had come back, it wouldn't be so George could be sent somewhere to recover and maybe find love with that girl he saved. It was so we could see him get hit by a bus. I don't get it. Why did George never get any real joy when everyone else did? He made mistakes but he was probably the nicest and sweetest of all the characters. I guess Shonda really believes in nice guys finish last.


You know what makes me so sad? George never found any real happiness. His professional life was a wreck until he finally was allowed to rejoin his class ... his love life was a mess. (He and Izzie say, "Maybe someday" and then Izzie and Alex are getting married?) He just has had a rough 5 years ... then he gets hit by a bus? Personally, George was one of my favorite characters. I think Shonda should have told him that she was removing him from the screen so no one would notice when he was missing in the final episode, rather than let the horrible misunderstanding happen until T.R. was fed up and just walked. (Of course, T.R. could have talked to her, as well!) Still ... I will really miss George. I can't believe that we don't get to say a real goodbye to him - he's mashed up and then he's gone. It's awful!


Actually no they didn't. Shonda decided to kill George the minute TR said he quit. When she asked him to come back for one episode, it was to show how George DIED. Even if he had agreed, George would still be dead. Last time I checked, there's no possibility of IW ever cong back but they didn't kill Burke, did they? Actors quit all the time, and their characters don't get killed for it because actors can change their minds a few months or years after and be brought back, but Shonda decided to kill George the minute TR told ehr the news. Wanting him to return to show him being hit by a bus or him as a ghost is not leaving the door open.


They did leave the door open. They wanted him to return, he didn't want to


Makes me so sad to see this... knew it was coming but George has grown so much as a character since the show started and I will miss him :( I wish T.R Knight the best but I also wished they could have left the door open to a George return.

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