Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: A Funeral Scene?

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It's not often that we see behind-the-scenes looks at Grey's Anatomy, given the closed-set nature of the series. But this week, the cast filmed an unusual outdoor scene that appears to be at a cemetery - and we can only assume is Dr. George O'Malley's funeral.

Here's Justin Chambers (Dr. Alex Karev) on the set ...

Justin on Set

Justin Chambers was on location as Grey's Anatomy filmed outside.

Now that T.R. Knight has confirmed he is not coming back to the show, and Katherine Heigl clearly is back filming, that would be the most logical explanation for what's going on here as Grey's Anatomy begins filming its sixth season: George being laid to rest.

It would be sad, but at this point, seemingly inevitable. Click to enlarge lots more Grey's Anatomy photos from the set and tell us what you think is going on behind the scenes ...

Ellen Arrives
Justin and Katherine Pic
Ellen and Katherine Photo
Ellen Showing
McDreamy Takes Five
Heigl and Pompeo
Justin and Katherine
Dressed in Black
Katherine and Sandra
Ellen and Katherine Pic

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All very good points Delinda and I totally agree.


I'm mad too, wannabemer, but all my anger is focused on Shonda. I have watched my favorite character disappear since Isiaih left the show, and I can't help thinking it's not coincidence. TR said Shonda grew distant with him after this happened, and she seemed to lose all love for George from that moment on. I noticed that, her falling out of love with George and the way she just stopped writing him as a character and started writing him as some stupid prop device. I was frustrated and angry. I read TR's interview. He is very diplomatic throughout, and shows Shonda a lot more kindness and consideration than she ahs shown him the last two seasons. Think about it. In the end, George didn't have to die because TR was leaving. She could have kept him alive and sent him to another hospital or the army, but Shonda said the moment TR quit, she decided to kill George right away. Think about that. She CHOSE to kill George and she chose to do it in such an awful way. Consider also her words in the interview. She had planned from the beginning of season 1 to throw George under a bus and that is why she erased a character we loved a whole season. She destroyed all his friendships and relationships on the show, she humiliated him, isolated him all so she could shock us for 2 minutes at the end. She never told TR why this was happening and when he tried to talk to her, she was busy. Consider if this was Mer she did it too, if let's say she had not shown Meredith all season to shock people when she was on the verge of death. Would you accept that as an excuse to be deprived of your favorite characetr all season? Would you think any other actor on the show would have stood for that? I don't. Also remember that Shonda didn't even try to cince TR to stay and didn't fight at all either.


@lovesgreys - That's what I'm saying. This season is going to be so weird without him. @Kentia - I do blame Shonda (in my earlier post). And don't get me wrong, I still love T.R. and I totally understand his decision. But now that its a reality that he's not coming back, I'm just past being sad, now I'm mad that it's come to this. And now we will have to watch a funeral.


I always thought the show should end how it started, with the 5 original interns.


Elie, I don't think Shonda will cash out the big bucks to bring back George's family. This is George. She hasn't cared for him since IW left. If this was anyone else, she'd cash out the big cash for. She won't for George, her favorite kicking toy. Then some people wonder why TR has enough of the abuse!


I'm with you Lynn. Shonda's really let me down. I'm almost dreading season six. Okay, maybe not dreading it, but I can't picture the show being as amazing without George.


Why are you mad at TR? Shonda is the one who gave up on George and she's the one who decided to kill him off. TR leaving didn't mean she had to kill him, but she did that. Can't you get how miserable he was? He got two seasons of nothing and a producer too busy to talk to him. He was so unhappy he walked away from 14 million. Shonda is the one who stopped loving George, so blame her not him.


Why haven't we heard anything about the actors who play George's mom and brothers being there? In my opinion it would not be at all plausible for there to be a funeral without his family there. It was weird enough that none of Derek's family was even invited to the wedding(even though it didn't end up being theirs) but it's way too unrealistic that his family wouldn't come to his funeral. On another note, can you imagine what George's death will do to Mrs. O'Malley??? after losing her husband barely a year ago...


JC looks gorgeous. me too can't wait for the new season.


Ok, I stand corrected. I think I'm past the point of being scared and hurt and upset about George possibly dying....and now that I see he's really dead I'm just pissed off! I'm even becoming mad at T.R. for not fighting harder for his character and his job. He's really let me down. Sorry but that's the way I feel now.

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