Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: A Funeral Scene?

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It's not often that we see behind-the-scenes looks at Grey's Anatomy, given the closed-set nature of the series. But this week, the cast filmed an unusual outdoor scene that appears to be at a cemetery - and we can only assume is Dr. George O'Malley's funeral.

Here's Justin Chambers (Dr. Alex Karev) on the set ...

Justin on Set

Justin Chambers was on location as Grey's Anatomy filmed outside.

Now that T.R. Knight has confirmed he is not coming back to the show, and Katherine Heigl clearly is back filming, that would be the most logical explanation for what's going on here as Grey's Anatomy begins filming its sixth season: George being laid to rest.

It would be sad, but at this point, seemingly inevitable. Click to enlarge lots more Grey's Anatomy photos from the set and tell us what you think is going on behind the scenes ...

Ellen Arrives
Justin and Katherine Pic
Ellen and Katherine Photo
Ellen Showing
McDreamy Takes Five
Heigl and Pompeo
Justin and Katherine
Dressed in Black
Katherine and Sandra
Ellen and Katherine Pic

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TR had every right to speak out. People were saying things about him based on rumors. They were saying he had asked to have elss airtime when really, he left because of it. He waited until he was done with his contract to speak out and he showed Shonda a lot more curtesy they she even showed him. Shonda didn,t speak? What do you call her little stunt about the George story we will never see thanks to TR. I'm pretty sure she only came up with this latest story 30 minutes before she talked to Aussiello and only did it to make TR look bad and the bad guy. Shonda sided with IW not TR when IW attacked him. She tried to stop him from coming out so people wouldn't know IW had called him that name and to protect IW. She got mad when the journalists talked about recasting Burke and found it insulting, but she didn,t find it insulting that IW called TR that word. She wouldn't have even spoken out on it if the media had not been on her tail and it took her months to say a word. She brought TR to Oprah to play we are a happy family when clearly both patrick and TR were miserable about it. She backburnered him all season for a stupid cliffhanger. She didn,t even tell him why George had suddenly vanished. He went to her and she was too busy to talk to him. What she did to him was wrong, and really nasty lies were floating out about TR so he told the truth. He didn't do what IW did and go to talk show after talk show to bash her. He did one interview and that was it. He was pretty nice and restrained in that interview and he even thanked her for taking a chance on him. That's the facts. Shonda didn't support TR during the IW mess. She ahd to be forced to fire him. She started diminishing his airtime the moment he left and then made him disappear completely during season 5. And don't bring me the cliffhanger excuse. She would never have done this to any other character. In fact, she never did. Like TR said, this was the first time a character was erased all season, and I for one don't buy her excuse at all and I know most people don't. She also chose to kill him when she could have kept him alive. Those are facts. Those are things we all saw with our own eyes. I'm completely on TR's side. He came off as very mature and brave in his interview. Did you even buy the magazine and read it? If you did, you would know that Shonda spoke almost as much as TR did in that interview and she came off as a liar. I guess what I loved the most about her quotes in EW was her saying that she didn't reassure TR because she was too shy. The woman is such a liar and manipulator.


You know something I'm mad at both of them Shonda and TRK. Shonda because if what TRK said is true she acted like a child. At TRK because is should've stayed quiet with all this and because he also acted like a child. However I blamed Shonda less because I don't know her side of the story so cannot judge her as much as I can judge TRK, since he talked about it on EW.


Yeah me too. I'm not sure I can go through the funeral episode. It feels like I am losing a friend. I'll never forget George. He was so special. I hope they let Izzie grieve for him. I just love those two together.


I'll miss him so much. Those pictures make me want to cry.


I fell asleep during most of season 5 episodes. They had a few good ones but most were boring. I missed George. I missed Gizzie. They made the show must-see for me.


Season 5 had ghost sex, interns cutting each other and Sadie. Oh and they had all those irritating interns and dead Denny showing up all the time. How is that great? When I think the interns, Sadie and dead Denny took airtime away from my George, I get so mad.


I didn't think season 5 was great at all. I think it was the worst season, and not just because I missed George. It was all over the place and lacked heart. I did miss George all the time though. He always makes me smile when he's on. We didn't get much this year but what we had of George was great. Now we'll never see his cute face again. He and Izzie will never have scenes again. I don't think I can take that. I can't believe Shonda just let him go.


I didn't like last season at all. I missed George and the fab 5. They aren't that magic without George. The best scenes alst season were with George. I loved him being so sweet and funny with Duncan, helping Izzie walk down the aisle, putting on a brave face for her, playing bad cop with Meredith, imitating Bailey so funnily, helping Izzie make the right decision. George always always made me laugh, but he made me cry many times too. That's the genius of TR. He could do comedy and drama just as much. I'll miss my beautiful George and his wonderful smile and big big heart. The show used to be so great the three first seasons when it was focused on the fab 5. George will always be my favorite.


Shonda should have written for George. That way he would still be alive. I can't believe she erased him all season just so we could get the 007 scene. I would gladly have gone without that scene if that meant George would have stayed. Didn't she think maybe if she told him why he was being backburnered he would have stayed? I hate that woman. Now she's blaming him for not coming back to do one episode when George was dead. How about writing for him when he was alive? George and Gizzie are all I care about on this show. George is the one genuine, relatable character. I can't stand the others, except maybe Mer. George has been why I watched since day 1 and I spent all last season missing him. I'll find something else to watch. Shonda is ruining this show.


That's your right Amanda, but George has always been my favorite character. I thought season 5 was really bad without him. The other characters I find them selfish and annoying. George was the one likable character in the gang, and I have no interest in watching without him.

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