Gossip Girl Spoilers: Serena and Nate?

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With Chair together at last (at least for the foreseeable future) and Derena kaput (at least for the foreseeable future) a lot of fans have been wondering if there is a chance of Serenate coupling up in the upcoming third season.

Is there? Would you want there to be?

Here's what TV Guide had to say about Serena and Nate in today's Q&A ...

Q: Are Gossip Girl's Serena and Nate going to hook up anytime soon?

A: Methinks someone is getting a bit stalkery with this question. At least initially, the answer is (still) no, as Serena and Nate will both be getting BIZ-AY with new love interests: S will be courted by a prince among men, while Nate will be busy wooing this lady.

In case you're wondering, JoAnna Garcia will be asking herself, "I got canceled for this?"


Serena and Nate's passionate past has some fans yearning for more.

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* Not arcs Serenate related, just Serena related. We're so much talkin about Serenate lol lov it


Queen Bee, I actually find Blair a spoiled annoying biatch and Serena the only interesting female in the show. Actually, Serena is amazing and for me GG will always be more about Serena than about Blair. It started that way and still is. The final arcs and well, best arcs are always Serenate related. Things with Blair are always so... shallow. Just a distraction for people who can relate. Considering the not-well-worked (but that we loved by us anyway) Serenate past, I agree that Serena is Nate's dream-girl and I think it would be great if we could had the whole triangle thing all over again *_*


Nate and Serena should be given a good build up first and then that will be the time that they will be together. They were the reason why I started watching GG. SERENATE! :))


waah..i want NS on the show so badly..NS FTW!!..hopefully, the writers would take a hint and give them a chance and not mess it up..


Serena and Nate=Barbie and Ken
So they need together


I like S and I like N but not as a couple. So let them live their lives just as friends! :)) that would be cool!


come on ,i remenber chace said if he was nate ,he woule choose serena from one interview


QueenBeee i find you hate serena so much,i love her so much
serena is not a slut,she is nate's dream girl
I never read the book,i love serenate from TV SHOW
serena and nate====super hot ,beautiful ====winner


why don't give a chance to nate and serena?why not???????
The prettest and perfect couple====serenate
I am so mad about the writers always give the horrible person to nate and serena only reason to watch GG is SERENATE


Serena did a ONE NIGHT STAND with her BESTFRIEND'S boyfriend. That says enough about her and she should get written off. I have no sympathy for her whatsoever. And I think the only person she belongs to is Dan Humphrey or some random loser like Gabriel or Aaron because she is an idiot and will chose guys like them. She does not belong with Nate. Never have and NEVER WILL. Serena is a SLUT and lets face it... she doesn't deserve someone as hot as Nate. Only Nate belongs with Blair.

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