Gossip Girl Spoilers: Serena and Nate?

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With Chair together at last (at least for the foreseeable future) and Derena kaput (at least for the foreseeable future) a lot of fans have been wondering if there is a chance of Serenate coupling up in the upcoming third season.

Is there? Would you want there to be?

Here's what TV Guide had to say about Serena and Nate in today's Q&A ...

Q: Are Gossip Girl's Serena and Nate going to hook up anytime soon?

A: Methinks someone is getting a bit stalkery with this question. At least initially, the answer is (still) no, as Serena and Nate will both be getting BIZ-AY with new love interests: S will be courted by a prince among men, while Nate will be busy wooing this lady.

In case you're wondering, JoAnna Garcia will be asking herself, "I got canceled for this?"


Serena and Nate's passionate past has some fans yearning for more.

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maybe, it's a ploy thing like the nair/chair season finale thing to get viewers or something.
but i

Ivana im a filthy youth

I hope they get together. I would hate if they broke up Lufus for Derena's pleasure. Like I keep mentioning, TWENTY YEARS FOLKS! THEY LOVED EACH OTHER FOR TWENTY YEARS! And if they date when Lufus are together... gross. It's gross even if Lufus aren't together. They share a brother!
They never resolved how Nate got over Serena so quickly. It just happened. Like, after the Thanksgiving episode, it was done. I really want them to be endgame.


Serena is sooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful ,nate is soooooooooooooo gorgeous ,they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo perfect for each other.


most of my friends hope serena and nate will hook up because they have history ,they are beautiful and hot.OMG,i cannot wait. Nate and Serena will be the prettiest couple in the world. Serenate ,gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous......I DONT HOW TO EXPRESS THEIR BEAUTY


you really hate serena ,i love blake lively so much ,she is so drop dead gorgeous.my male friends all love her ,think she is goddess to them!!!!perfect perfect!!!!!
Are you kidding me?Blair belongs to Chuck and Nate?
she belongs to Chuck not Nate,Nate loves Vanessa more than Blair,he never loves Blair.
And Serena is Nate's dream girl ,she is perfect to Nate.


I don't really care who Nate ends up with as long as its not Blair. I do think that Nate and Serena will hook up eventually because thats just how Gossip Girl works, but I wouldn't mind it at all.


And please, Nate and Serena = Marissa Seth? SERIOUSLY PEOPLE?


Well QueenBee, you find Chuck/Blair/Nate hot, I find it ridiculous and LOVE the whole Serena/Nate/Blair triangle. They are so hot they even had 11 books about them :) And we just have different opinions, so I won't repeat mine.


And please Chris, who the hell wants to see reruns of Serena and Nate having sex the countertop on a bar? I fast forward every time there's a scene with them doing the nasty because she's a backstabbing skank that didn't think for her bestfriend one bit. The producers should definately keep Serena and Nate as just friends. Serena belongs with Dan. Blair belongs with BOTH NATE AND CHUCK and Vanessa belongs somewhere in another show.


Chris, I think you are completely wrong. Blair NEVER cheated on Nate with Chuck. They broke up for the day remember? Yup doesn't count. Serena is always getting in the way. Everyone thinks she's so high and mighty because she's "beautiful" but please...she's a backstabbing whore who will sleep with you boyfriend behind your back and leave you stranded to fend for yourself. Yeah, she became a good person when she got back but I still can't help how unfair Blair was treated when the story was all about Serena and Nate. Nate is very selfish and needs to prove his love to Blair once and for all.. They are good together and he belongs with only Blair. Nate-Blair-Chuck love triangle is so HOT!
Blair has been ill treated throughout GG ever since season 1. Serena gets all the undeserved attention like getting into Yale (because of her popularity) and running the runway. Honestly I don't even think Blake is that pretty.

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