Ahead on 90210: A Major Affair?!?

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Following season one of 90210, it was unclear if Jennie Garth would reprise her role of Kelly Taylor on upcoming episodes of The CW series.

Earlier this month, though, we received word that Garth would, indeed, be back as the character that made her famous.

Now, TV Guide reports that Kelly won't just roam the halls of West Beverly again - she might be involved in a whopper of a storyline!

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Sources tell the publication that a Harry/Kelly affair is "definitely part of a long-term plan." This plot point, at least as far as Kelly's feelings go, was hinted at in the show's May finale.

But we're shocked they'd actually go there. Harry and Kelly are both likable, seemingly upstanding characters. Do you wanna see them sleep together?

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no way! totally agree with everyone who posted above me. DON'T DO IT!!!


you have got to be kidding me , Rebecca Rand Sinclair is for sure screwing up this show.


definitely a big NO! Harry is such a nice family man and Kelly is simply loved by all the students. This would destroy he images of both and also the credibility of Harry and Kelly as good people


I don't really think this is such a great idea. I mean maybe touch on kellys feeling a bit, but I wouldn't take it into a full blown affair! I just don't see harry doing something like that and the kids would totally loose their minds!


This is such crap. they are going to end up ruining the show if they do this. There family is already going to be going through enough with Annie and Dixon. If they do this ratings will not go up people will just stop watching.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.