Grey's Anatomy Emmy Award Submissions

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Below is a list of the Grey's Anatomy stars and guest stars who have submitted their names for consideration in the 2009 Prime Time Emmy Awards this fall, as well as the two episodes the series itself used in its official drama category submission.

Note that Ellen Pompeo is the only star submitting herself in a "lead" category. Who do you think stands the best chance of being nominated in each of these categories?

Follow this link for the full list of nominees, and share your thoughts below.



  • Grey's Anatomy (Ellen Pompeo)


  • Grey's Anatomy (Jessica Capshaw)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Katherine Heigl)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Chyler Leigh)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Sandra Oh)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Sara Ramirez)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Brooke Smith)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Chandra Wilson)
Izzie Crashes


  • Grey's Anatomy (Justin Chambers)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Eric Dane)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Patrick Dempsey)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Kevin McKidd)
  • Grey's Anatomy (T.R. Knight)
  • Grey's Anatomy (James Pickens, Jr.)

Follow the jump for the list of guest stars and their characters who are have submitted their names to the panel who will determine the Emmy nominees ...

  • Grey's Anatomy (Tyne Daly) (Carolyn Shepherd)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Faye Dunaway) (Dra. Margaret Campbell)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Kimberly Elise) (Dra. Swender, the oncologist)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Melissa George) (Sadie Harris)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Sharon Lawrence) (Robbie Stevens, Izzie's mom)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Amy Madigan) (Dra. Wyatt)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Samantha Mathis) (Melinda Prescott, patient's mother)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Mary McDonnell) (Dra. Virginia Dixon)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Kate Walsh) (Addison)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Jennifer Westfeldt) (Jen Harmon, patient)


  • Grey's Anatomy (Obba Babatunde) (David Gates, patient)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) (Denny)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Ben Shenkman) (Rob Harmon, Jen's husband)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Eric Stoltz) (William Dunn, the serial killer)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Daniel J. Travanti) (Barry Patmore, patient)

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@Kuik, I posted earlier about PD's probable motives for submitting himself as supportive and not lead. I personallly blame KH's big "I'm not giving Emmy worthy material" ego to push back PD. In theory, both PD and EP should be the only ones allowed for Lead. Not really sure how that works since I have no one idea under what conditions the cast was casted as (supportive, lead, etc). Ellen has the Emmy material but Emmy's have been known for giving awards for popularity or big CV's. Disappointing but true. As for the salary, both EP and PD recieve Lead salaries. Last time I read, both earned about $250,000 per episode ($6,000,000 a season) and KH didn't. I believe that there were reports surfaced where she wanted to make around the same that EP and PD made but because she was casted as supportive, contract negotiations didn't work out. Next contract negotiations are after season 7, if the show does go on.


I think Ellen Pompeo will be nominated for the lead but won't win. For Supporting Actress I hope Sandra Oh takes it. Or Chandra Wilson. They're both fantastic. For Supporting Actor I think Patrick Dempsey could take it. But it would be great to see Eric Dane or Kevin Mckidd take it home. For guest Actress I'm absolutely pulling for Amy Madigan. She's one heck of a therapist. I need her in my life. If not her then any one of the following: Tyne Daly-hilarious, Faye Dunaway-compelling, Sharon Lawrence-heartbreaking, Samantha Mathis/Jennifer Westfeldt-very real and sympathetic. For Guest Actor I would absolutely have to give it to Geoffrey Dean Morgan. No other guest has had a greater impact on the show. But some top contenders would be Ben Shenkman and Eric Stoltz. Their stories were definitely the most creative and affecting. As for the Drama entries- I really like both. they both featured some of mark and lexie's more humorous and tender moments. either won would be worthy of a win. :)


Patrick Dempsey as a supporting actor??? He seems to have already surrendered if he doesn't consider himself as the lead actor, I bet he gets a lead actors salary. Yes for Ellen, but I think the odds are she will be continually overlooked. The others, why?


I realllllly hope Katherine Heigl gets the emmy this year, she's an amazing acctress & she totally deserves it!


I agree leader actress ELLEN POMPEL 'll win,she is great actress.Her acting's very well.
For supporting actress Sandra Ho'll be the one nom. I agree PD'll be the leader actor for nom.


Lead actress: Ellen Pompeo (of course) but she has tough competitiors in other shows so it will be hard for her to get a nom
Supporting actress: Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson (both should win an Emmy in my opinion)
Supporting actor: Patrick Dempsey. I prefer to have him in the lead, but since he hasn't gotten much screentime this season (thanks to Heigl and her big ego), he may have a better chance of getting a nom in this category.
Guest actress: Tyne Daly. But I think Sharon Lawrence was great too though.
Guest actor: Eric Stoltz


My picks: Best lead actress (Sorry for Ellen fans, I don't think she can win, she is good, but not great, she is not always good like Sandra Oh, Chandra Wilson, Ellen has her owen moments, but that is just it. ) Best supporting actress (KH, SO and CW all has chance to win, they are all brilliant, but yeah it seems like KH has more chance, but I hope it is Sandra). Best supporting actor (Kevin Mckidd, this man is pure brilliant, and has already got ton of praises from the media, I do think he has a shot to make it).


I think Kevin Mckidd definitely deserves an EMMY this year.


Patrick Dempsey should have been classed as lead actor with Ellen it is their show,


I definitley think Ellen should win. She has been nominated ever since Grey's Anatomy has been on but has won nothing! Though, I think Katherine did an excellent job she has won enough. Ellen Ellen Ellen!


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.