Grey's Anatomy Emmy Award Submissions

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Below is a list of the Grey's Anatomy stars and guest stars who have submitted their names for consideration in the 2009 Prime Time Emmy Awards this fall, as well as the two episodes the series itself used in its official drama category submission.

Note that Ellen Pompeo is the only star submitting herself in a "lead" category. Who do you think stands the best chance of being nominated in each of these categories?

Follow this link for the full list of nominees, and share your thoughts below.



  • Grey's Anatomy (Ellen Pompeo)


  • Grey's Anatomy (Jessica Capshaw)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Katherine Heigl)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Chyler Leigh)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Sandra Oh)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Sara Ramirez)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Brooke Smith)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Chandra Wilson)
Izzie Crashes


  • Grey's Anatomy (Justin Chambers)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Eric Dane)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Patrick Dempsey)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Kevin McKidd)
  • Grey's Anatomy (T.R. Knight)
  • Grey's Anatomy (James Pickens, Jr.)

Follow the jump for the list of guest stars and their characters who are have submitted their names to the panel who will determine the Emmy nominees ...

  • Grey's Anatomy (Tyne Daly) (Carolyn Shepherd)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Faye Dunaway) (Dra. Margaret Campbell)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Kimberly Elise) (Dra. Swender, the oncologist)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Melissa George) (Sadie Harris)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Sharon Lawrence) (Robbie Stevens, Izzie's mom)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Amy Madigan) (Dra. Wyatt)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Samantha Mathis) (Melinda Prescott, patient's mother)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Mary McDonnell) (Dra. Virginia Dixon)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Kate Walsh) (Addison)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Jennifer Westfeldt) (Jen Harmon, patient)


  • Grey's Anatomy (Obba Babatunde) (David Gates, patient)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) (Denny)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Ben Shenkman) (Rob Harmon, Jen's husband)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Eric Stoltz) (William Dunn, the serial killer)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Daniel J. Travanti) (Barry Patmore, patient)

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Ellen can't submit herself as Supporting. It'd mean that Grey's Anatomy is just...Anatomy? @JFCR, Actors are not allowed to submit episodes until they are officially nominated for the Emmy. That means that if their names are announced on July 16th, they'll be able to submit their episodes. Also, JDM's name has been removed from the guest star Emmys nomination ballot. He's no longer avaible for nomination. @jukk, I understand your frustation. Although I have finally understood his motives. He really doesn't stand a chance agaist Hugh Laurie or Jon Hamm, in terms of airtime to be consider at the Leading Actor. He has the talent but I can't really see what's the point of pushing him back. And yeah...why didn't he submit himself as a guest star on PP? This could actually be PD's choice of not to be consider for this Emmy.


I am finding it a bit hard to fathom why Patrick Dempsey can put himself forward in the supporting actor category. Wasn't he the on pictured cutting the 100th episode celebration cake? Also couldn't he put himself forward in the guest star category for his appearance on Private Practice; hasn't Kate Walsh put herself forward for the guest actor award for when she returned to GA this season? I find the Emmy set up just wierd


But if Ellen was running for Best Supporting Actress category, she would face tough competition from her own fellow Grey's cast members....(Katherine, Sandra, Chandra)


Sure bets: - Grey's for Drama Series
- Eric Stoltz AND Jeffrey Dean Morgan for Guest Actor
- Justin Chambers for Supporting Actor
- Katherine Heigl for Supporting Actress Doubtful: - Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson (only if they don't find anybody else... but they've been nominated before...)
- I honestly think James Pickens, Jr. has a shot this year
- If Ellen was running for supporting, she'd be a shoe-in. In Lead... Meh.
- Kevin McKidd has a shot (it depends on which episode they submitted for him to be considered) I don't know... Not feeling that Sandra and Chandra will be considered. I bet Heigl, Rachel Griffiths (Brothers&Sisters), Marcia Gay Harden (Damages), Lisa Edelstein (House) and Diane Wiest/Hope Davis/Alison Phil (In Treatment) will be the nominees. And as for Ellen. I believe she'll be considered or she'll be in their shortlist at the very least. Sally Field, Glenn Close, Elizabeth Moss, Anna Paquin, Holly Hunter, January Jones, Kyra Sedgwick, Patricia Arquette... All of them are TRUE leads OR have more screen time than Ellen. But we shall see. If they submit «Sympathy for the Devil» as her FYC clip I think she definitely has a chance.


I'm going to sound like a horrible person but I really want Maura Tierney (Abby on ER) to take the Supporting Actress Emmy. Either her or Sandra. Those are the only two choices I'm preparing to see.


Actually, the guest stars official submissions have changed. According to the link provided: The following posts on this page now contain all of the contenders from the actual Emmy Awards ballots released last night. These are the official lists (with category changes by several people and quite a few situations where actors/actresses did not submit their names for the ballot). Guest actress in a drama series:
Grey's Anatomy (Kathy Baker)
Grey's Anatomy (Tyne Daly)
Grey's Anatomy (Melissa George)
Grey's Anatomy (Mariette Hartley)
Grey's Anatomy (Sharon Lawrence)
Grey's Anatomy (Mary McDonnell)
Grey's Anatomy (Bernadette Peters)
Grey's Anatomy (Kate Walsh)
Grey's Anatomy (Jennifer Westfeldt) Guest actor in a drama series:
Grey's Anatomy (George Coe)
Grey's Anatomy (Hector Elizondo)
Grey's Anatomy (Ben Shenkman)
Grey's Anatomy (Eric Stoltz) No JDM and Bernadette Peters was missing. @Caroline, the ballot process comes in two phases. Right now they just finished the first, where the Academy members place the actors/writers/directors that were submitted for consideration. Right now the Academy gets the votes for the final 5 or 6 that are going to be announced in the July 16th ceremony where the nominations are announced. Probably JDM didn't get enough votes or he was eliminated during this process or JDM never submitted his name and it was an assumption. Can't really say how this works since the Academy works closed doors, so I'm assuming that it could be any of those choices.


In this site or in another official site?


I can't find Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the offical list! This are the only listed actors: Grey's Anatomy (George Coe)
Grey's Anatomy (Hector Elizondo)
Grey's Anatomy (Ben Shenkman)
Grey's Anatomy (Eric Stoltz)
What happened?


I really like Sympathy for the Devil!
I think Ellen Pompeo really deservs it. She made a great job in this season. She always do. She's just an amazing actress. For me she's the best actress ever.
Supporting Actress: Katherine Heigl, Chandra Wilson, Sandra Oh! They made a great job. But i would also be happy with Chyler Leigh. But I think Katherine, Chandra and Sandra deserv it more than the others.
Supporting Actor: Patrick Dempsey! He did a brilliant job playing dark&twisty Derek. But Justin Chambers would deserve it, too. Because I think he made his best season ever.
Gues Actress: For me 100% Kate Walsh! She's a great actress and I miss her so much in the show. I was so happy when she came as a guest actress.
Guest Actor: Eric Stoltz, Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Eric played his role so great. And Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a great ghost of Denny.


I hope T.R. gets nominated and he wins.


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

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Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

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