Gossip Girl Cast Members Dish on New Season, Life

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At the recent CW upfronts presentation, the Gossip Girl cast dished on their characters and some of the drama we can expect in the upcoming third season.

Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Jessica Szohr, Taylor Momsen, Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley all chatted about Gossip Girl, as well as their real lives.

A couple of fun facts:

  • Leighton Meester is funny, chatty and all-around awesome.
  • Blake Lively is in the process of getting her scuba license.
  • Penn Badgley has no plans to marry his girl anytime soon.
  • Chace Crawford's bangs are just as amazing in real life.

Check out the video of the cast below and share your thoughts ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/the-gossip-girl-cast-dishes/" title="The Gossip Girl Cast Dishes"][/video]

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Chace crawford is a lesbian



taylor momsen sounds like a smoker....


I'm with you Zee!! totally agreed!!


leighton is so overrated.. thats nutin new.. everyone loves her.. i think the rest is just as funny, chatty and all-awesome too. credits should not always be given to her just coz she's the star in the show


ahaha, yeah, really funny for the lively, meester part. I think they probably get along fine, but Leighton and Blake exchanged these little awkward, "what the hell?" looks throughout. I'm glad Leighton is going back to dark, she looks better, but of course you know you she always looks pretty. While I was watching this, I tried to imagine Penn and Lively together and could seriously only imagine Dan/Serena-- they both seem sort of close to their characters- well, Penn may be a little more relaxed lol. :D


ew blake's boobs are on display. again.


same leighton all the way
but i love blake's voice soo melondramatic
i love leighton's hair here, its sooo cool

Its nice to be queenb

leighton is my favorite!!


lmao, when leighton and blake are talking about scuba-diving. Leighton's expression when Blake says thare actually are places to scuba dive in new york is priceless. omg, and when they're listing things in the hudson, like dead bodies and swine flu XP Oh, and Ed isn't there because he was in character, as CB..


Ha. Penn looked all embarassed and shocked. Poor Blake :P I love Leighton. SHe looks better brunette though.

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