Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Wrath of Con"

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The Gossip Girl Insider staff assembles each Tuesday to analyze the burning questions, classic quotes and memorable moments from the previous evening's episode.

Welcome to the Gossip Girl Round Table!

This week's hot Gossip Girl topics from "The Wrath of Con" include memorable lines, stretches of the imagination, and opinions on the caper, the spinoff, and Chair ...

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1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Georgina's episode-ending proclaimation to Blair: "You can tell Jesus that the bitch is back." Wow. We can't wait to see what the bitch does next week!

Gossip Guy: I loved that the old Blair was back in this episode. I loved when she summed up Georgina's new life: "that is a Carrie Underwood song, not a life choice!"

Mister Meester: This early exchange: Georgina: "The Lord cannot enter the body solely by alcohol." Chuck: That's good, because I prefer to be the one doing the entering." Georgina: "To each his own holy water." These two are great.

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2. How are you liking the Gabriel-Poppy financial caper story line?

DANdy: It was getting a little old, that is until Poppy escaping amid Serena's arrest offered a new twist. Now Georgina's on the case while Nate, Blair, and Chuck are joining forces to take Poppy and Gabriel down? I love it!

Mister Meester: Once you get past the absurdity - serious timeline plot holes, Lily sending Rufus dividends the very next day, that moron Poppy pulling off such a scheme in general - I do find it pretty compelling. Just gloss over some of the financial details and appreciate the characters ... it brought us back Georgina, right?

Gossip Guy: Let's leave the crime capers to professionals like Danny Ocean. Did we really need to drag this on for two whole episodes, and what it looks like a third?

3. More puzzling decision: Chuck letting go of Blair because he loves her, or Lily having Serena arrested to avoid drawing attention to the scheme?

Mister Meester: Lily. Because if eating a few hundred grand to avoid her reputation being damaged weren't silly enough, she has her own daughter arrested in public to prove the same point? Great way to handle an "adult" scandal.

DANdy: Definitely Chuck. Blair even said, reassuringly, and anticipating this very response, that if his feelings are real, they'll find a way to figure it out. Yet he's still too big of a loser to man up. Amazing.

Gossip Guy: What are you thinking Chuck!? If you love the girl, just end this drama and be with her. We Chair fans deserve it.

4. Biggest stretch: Serena thinking Gabriel would simply return the money, Dan overhearing everything, or the increasingly strange Kelly Rutherford pregnancy-hiding outfits?

Gossip Guy: I'm sorry Serena, you may be pretty, but no man is giving up millions for you.

DANdy: Dan. That guy fields head-scratching phone calls and overhears incriminating conversations like it's his job. Although, Lily's collection of Hermès - Kelly Rutherford's son's name, no less - bags held in front of her stomach is a nice touch.

Mister Meester: Dan's a curious fellow and I'm getting used to seeing Lily bundled up, so I have to go with Serena. Poor girl actually said "just because he took all the money doesn't mean our feelings weren't real." So naive. So sad.

Serena Gets a Text

Serena. We love her dearly. She is not smart.

5. How will Chuck react to seeing Nate and Blair at the prom?

Mister Meester: By bringing Gossip Guy's true love Vanessa as a date in an attempt to make her jealous ... hmm, now I feel like this has happened already.

Gossip Guy: Probably with a couple of classic Chuck brooding stares, but Gossip Girl spoilers suggest he won't take any action. You're killing me Chuck.

DANdy: With open arms. He cut her loose, remember?

BONUS QUESTION: Are you excited for the '80s Lily flashbacks?

DANdy: Let's just say I've spent an hour picking lilies every day for the last three weeks.

Mister Meester: I haven't been this excited since I dreamed about Serena last... sorry, was that out loud? I still think that a Maggie Grace or Emily VanCamp would make a more convincing Lily, but will give Brittany Snow a shot.

Gossip Guy: Actually, surprisingly yes! When I saw them end the episode with the Lily mug shots I thought of the promo pics for the new Gossip Girl spinoff and instantly got psyched for the first time for this new show!!


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1. Actually the one of "You can tell Jesus that the bitch is back." I loved it, i missed that bitch. and definetely "because I love her, and I can't make her happy" killed me. 2. I hope someone stops Poppy, i think it's all I have to say. 3. I don't understand Lily, she said she didn't want a scandal, and then she has her duaghter arrested. and Chuck.. Chuck is a dumb, letting go the girl he loves, it's so stupid. 4. Dan pissed me off :@ 5. He can't say anything, he let her go away so everything it's his fault.


Actually the one of "You can tell Jesus that the bitch is back." I loved it, i missed that bitch. and definetely "because I love her, and I can't make her happy" killed me.


1. I loved when Georgina showed up and everyone started freaking out and Blair says, "If someone doesn't get her out of here I AM GOING TO SCREAM" because it reminds me of Veruca Salt, which totally makes sense for Blair. Jenny explaining Twilight was good too but what is it with the Humphrey children, at least one of them has to be annoying at all times? 2. It's kinda weird, mostly I think because of the timing, it seems kinda rushed because its so close to the end of the season so it's happened too fast. But holy crap was Poppy evil looking when she showed up at Serena's, that was gooooooood. 3.I understand that Lily thinks that if Serena is associated with a con then people will get pissed and have a hard time forgetting that Serena had to do with them losing a ton of money. And honestly they (UESiders) all kinda expected Serena to get arrested eventually and when the charges are dropped it won't really have any lasting effects, that said, it was downright cruel and out of character for Lily to do, since when did she care more about reputation than what's right? 4. Serena is either an effing idiot or really really vain, I mean she thinks she's so wonderful that some guy would just of course hand over the money because she confronts him? Actually Serena thinking she could change criminals because she's so awesome sounds kind of in character... so I'm gonna go with Dan on this one, it's pretty difficult to eavesdrop over the phone and it's not like he's Jenny who has had a ton of practice. 5. I don't know and I'm kinda bummed about it, see below: Bonus: I am NOT excited for the flashbacks, I feel like I'm getting cheated out of an episode of Gossip Girl and tricked into watching a show I probably won't like. I feel like all the Gossip Girl story lines are gonna get rushed just so that we can see the predictable "rich girl meets poor boy, immediately likes him but is grossed out that he's poor, she does something stupid to prove she's not just a rich girl and gets arrested" plot line. Likely Blair and Nate will break up, but it'll be somewhat quick and messy like Nate's breakup with Vanessa, one episode he's kissing Blair in the snow and telling her shes beautiful and trying to teach her how to live in the village, the next he hates her because she doesn't get him or some ridiculous thing. He's got man-bangs, what's to get? Honestly what I think would be best is if Blair and Nate break up and Blair has a hear to heart with Vanessa about how damn fickle that silly boy is. OH, and then Vanessa will say something about how she slept with Chuck, Blair will get pissed, Vanessa will say "I shouldn't have told you that" and then Serena will tend to Blair on the steps whilst Chuck helps himself to some scotch, thinking he deserves a pat on the back for helping Blair win prom queen. And Nate will try to bone Jenny. Again.


I love every of the Gossip Girl's characters and I don't hold a grudge against any of them, but during this episode I found Dan's behavior annoying, I mean the only time that I had ever be mad at him was during the Rachel Carr thing and he inmediately started to make up for it in my book with his lines in "The Grandfather" and beyond, but his behavior during this episode was a total setback for me. I think I can forgive or tolerate that he told Lily about the scam initially, but him telling Lily about the Russian Tea Room was too much. It showed no sense of loyalty to Serena or respect to her decisition, silly as it may be. The Non-Judging Breakfast club showed way more sense of loyalty to Serena, even Nate that wasn't really tagging along with the whole plan showed loyalty and stood there although he had his doubts about the whole thing. Dan is suppossed to have loved Serena once very much, and even if we try to see it as him caring for her and trying to prevent her for making a mistake, him telling Lily about the Russian Tea Room was way too much for me. He is lucky that Serena is not like Blair, because he is partially responsable for the arrest and yet he gets to take Serena to prom, maybe to make up for it? Also, Lily is nuts! What kind of mother is she? If Serena had killed or drugged someone, had sold drugs or even committed a burglary I would have agreed with Lily. But Serena didn't do any of those things, is like someone said before, Lily could had just go there and stop Serena in person. If Blair yells or tells something at her in the police station she deserves it, it is also like Chuck told her in the "You've got Yale" episode, that she cared for herself and the her childrens and his late father were the prove of it. Rufus being mad at her is the karma that she earned and deserved, just as Blair earned a bad karma for her schemes and lost Yale and others in this show had earned bad karma for their wrongdoings.


I'm not at all wanting the 80's flashback. The whole valley girls spin-off feels like a failure waiting to happen. The It girl or something would have been better. Hell anything but Lily Rhodes past. Because let's face it who cares. She's as interesting as a cardboard box.
Whitney Port looks like Lily who is played by Kelly Rutherford so I think she should have been cast, although she probably can't act she at least looks like Kelly enough that Lily would end up looking like that. Brittany Snow is pretty but looks nothing like Kelly. Either way they are wasting an episode for a spin-off that seriously feels like it's going to bomb. Just the name is insane. Valley girls? A whole full hour season dedicated to that...?And they waste a good 15 minutes or more of a gossip girl episode. Ew


Damn that motherchucker! Why would he do that. And Because I love her is not a valid answer. Yay! The bitch is back. Chuck is Lonely!! New Video

Kimberly anne

Okay, this episode wasn’t exactly what I was looking forward to. I thought Georgina was going to make Blair jealous because she is hanging with Chuck a lot.
Serena was pathetic. Dan was pathetic. Everyone was pathetic (except for Chair). Nate was the most pathetic. I wanted to slap him when he was setting things straight with Chuck before they went into the restaurant. What the hell gave him the right to say stuff like, “Man Up�, “you had your chance� and “now I want her�? It’s not like this is his first time wanting to be with Blair. Blair and Nate have broken up so many times so it is not a surprise that all of a sudden he ants her back again.
I was in tears during the scene between Chuck and Blair. It literally made me cry because how wonderful and perfect Leighton and Ed were in this scene. Also, it was just so heart-breaking. Of course we all know it was never and will never be a game to Chuck when it comes to his feelings for Blair but he killed me when he said it. Blair of course was devastated and no one can blame her because her one true love just told her a lie.
I am glad Chuck admitted to Serena that he loves Blair. These two are soul mates!!! They just have to realize it and someone just have to push Nate in front of a truck.
I am not looking forward to next week’s episode base on the promo. No offense to Lily but when the promo doesn’t give me any hints of what will happen to Blair and Chuck, I get freakin angry. I hope there are more Chair interactions than it may seem in the promo. Two more episodes to go. I am still counting down to the day my favorite couple ever, Chuck and Blair are to be reunited.


1. I have 2 favorite quotes:
I love how Blair said " Looks like he answers my prayers faster." When chuck was coming up!! and...
When Jenny was explaining Twilight to Lily! 2. I'm just glad that Gabriel is hopefully out of the story. 3. As much as I hated Chuck letting Blair go, Id have to say Lily shocked me the most. Why would she get her own daughter arrested like that just to save face??? 4. Poor Serena its a good thing shes pretty because shes not that bright. 5. The site said he would help her win queen soooo...i guess he really does want her to be happy...while he stares at her from across the room. lol CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE!!!!


#3. ----honestly she's a walking talking hypocrite
(take out the "not") :D


1. The whole "You can tell Jesus that the bitch is back"
Not only was I glad to have Georgina back but it was kind of a comic relief after the whole chair fiasco. 2. Ugh, seriously? End it, please. 3. Def, Lily. I mean the chuck and blair thing. C'mon, people should know by now that this is how the writers made chuck bass. Insecure and sometimes stupid. It's just the way things are, and in his sad insecure way he makes sense. But on the otherhand. Lily derserves a "OMFGH are you serious?" cause honestly not she's a walking talking hypocrite. 4. Well, Dan always hears everything it's like his gift (or tragedy). & I barely noticed the whole pregnancy thingy (that could be because I was too excited about everything else though. So Serena takes the cake. I mean seriously, this girl needs a reality check...along with Lily. 5. Hm, I'm not too sure after the whole "you're free to go" thing. But then again, he did tell Serena that he loved blair. Maybe in the midst of all the drama she will convince him to do something. But I'm really not to sure. BONUS: No, it seems kind of ---- pointless.
But who knows, maybe some good will come out of this

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