"The Wrath of Con" Sneak Preview

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Below is a sneak preview of next Monday's episode of Gossip Girl, "The Wrath of Con."

In it, a frustrated Nate lays it all out with Chuck: if he wants Blair, then man up and tell her, because Nate definitely wants to be with her. Great scene!

Check it out and tell us what you think of the minute-long clip ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/the-wrath-of-con-sneak-preview/" title="The Wrath of Con Sneak Preview"] [/video]

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Love Nate and Blair! So romantic and gorgeous together


i agree with shannon as well. just something in blair that makes these guys have hots for her!


OMG Nate is such a sweetie... so romantic. Love him


Chuck doesn't just get close to Blair piss off Nate!!! He does it because he loves her and he's the one for her!!! You're talking about how bad of a person Chuck is... well did you ever consider all that Blair has done too? Does Blair really deserve Nate after everything SHE'S done? I think not!! Chair forever!!!!


but i gotta give props to chace, i didnt know he could act major like this.. but nate just wants everything, its nt fair. he's just confused. n i agree he only likes the thrill of the chase of blair. i hope cb will hv that teary kinda scene(like in 2x08), where chuck apologizes n tells blair he loves her with a bit of teary eyes.. aaaaaa!


nate just looked like that guy from THE CITY, allie's boyfriend...there was an episode where he was arguing with erin saying, 'you're judging me and you dont even know me'


ooohhh juicy. Man it just gets better and better.


I agree with you all especially
" e & d ", I agree with u 2 " jj " but
I love chuck because he's an asshole
that's why he became kind of sexy in a way
hehe :D



aaww.. thx nate, now ur giving chuck a big motivation! lol, i'd say i feel a bit sorry for nate later during the finale but idk nate is pretty crafty when it comes to lovers.. i bet h'd give uo blair in the end

Nair blate same difference

thats right nate! tell chuck!

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