"The Wrath of Con" Sneak Preview

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Below is a sneak preview of next Monday's episode of Gossip Girl, "The Wrath of Con."

In it, a frustrated Nate lays it all out with Chuck: if he wants Blair, then man up and tell her, because Nate definitely wants to be with her. Great scene!

Check it out and tell us what you think of the minute-long clip ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/the-wrath-of-con-sneak-preview/" title="The Wrath of Con Sneak Preview"] [/video]

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I think he is scared of his feelings, because he has never had them before. And he is scared of the person he could be with Blair around. She is the one that believes in him.


omg i really liked this clip a lot actually. I can't wait that's sweet nate wants chuck to quit toying with her I do hope chuck leaves blair alone at least for now only because I already know blair and nate's time is limited which is sad but I really love to see blair and nate because in season 1 they didn't let them have a good relationship and now chuck's messing with it. Nate doesn't do that when chuck and blair had a thing he didn't go try messing it up only because he didn't like seeing his ex happy. It's true he had vanessa but at least he was moving on too but no chuck only has hookups and since he can't have a relationship with anyone he doesn't let blair have one either I do hate chuck.


I think the writters want to show that chuck is changing and really want's Blair. He looks so sad in this clip. I think he is really scared of what he is feeling. Chuck is a perfect match for Blair. Nate is sweet but no equal. Soooo I can't wait for the I love you part! CHAAIIRRRRRR! :p


I can't wait to see the next episode! it's going to be soooo awsome!! I really want at the last episode Blair to end up with Chuck! this could be the perfect ending for season 2! Nate should get back with Vanessa or something... V.


when i say if he could do an american accent when he is british that makes him a decent actor. that is what i meant


this is what i think. i have thought of this for awhile since last season.
chuck and blair. they belong together. forget that he is womanizer and all that. it takes one lady to change those ways.
blair and nate i think their relationship is more of friendship then bf/gf and it is over for them- but do you remember in the first season that blair had her plans to live in new haven with nate in nice house near yale. well in the monday's episode nate bought her atleast a home for them to live in manhattan. well instead of going to see the apt she leaves with chuck to go find georgie. it might have been to help serana out but i think if she was really in love with nate she would have gone with nate not chuck .
nate and serana- we really haven't seen a plotline for them and i think it needs to come out already. he loves her still and she loves him. you might not think that but we need to see it atleast. not just them having sex in a bar when they are drunk at a wedding and him helping her clean up. but we need to see them atleast talking about their feelings that they have for each other. they still have them.
dan and serana- i think it might be over for these they may get together one more time but i don't see it lasting longer than a month. jsut remember he had sex with miss carr.
rufus and lily- it might be too fast for them get married well at least for her but they love each other and have loved eachother for years. s
vanessa i don't know who she should be with. the same goes for jenny.
and about bashing actors the only one i bash is not even on this show and should never be on it. she would ruin it more the Jessica Szhor has. even though jessica is better. the actors of this show are incredible. ed westwick is british remember that the next time you hear him on the show. if he could do a american accent when he is british. they are not too many americans that could do UK accent. maybe natalie portman and scar jo. but not too many of them that i know. he doesn't need to lose weight. he is just perfect. just remember the next time somebody tells you to lose weight. in hollywood you might need to be all skin and bone but it is a disgusting habit.


Couldn't agree more with xoxogg's post. I love the idea of the four best friends pairing off: Serena/Nate, Chuck/Blair. Chair should finally be together, and TPTB should finally let Serena and Nate begin that dance that started even before season one premiered. And hello? Aren't they supposed to be best friends? Why did we get next to no screen time with these two? Come on, GG! Chair and SeNa (lol - not sure what Serena/Nate is called) is where it's at!
As for the clip, nice going, Nate. I'm always in your corner (even when you're being an idiot XD). Hopefully, this spurs Chuck into action. No more beating around the bush, so to speak.


Chuck and Blair are obviously right for each other. Nate even knows that. He's so paranoid about Chuck and Blair hanging out because he knows how Blair feels about him and vise versa. He is right about one thing: Chuck need to man up and tell Blair how he feels about her. But we do need to cut Chuck some slack. This is the first girl's he's fallen this hard for and he's not sure how to handle it. I think what Nate says to him is his wake-up call to do something about his love before it's too late. It's setting us up for the finale (hopefully!) when all of us CB fans can rejoice for the moment we've all been anxiously waiting for--Chuck to say those three words, eight letters.
As for Nate, poor Nate, I think it's time that the Serena/Nate storyline comes for circle. For me personally, Nate's feelings for Serena were a million times more convincing than his feelings for Blair have even been. Nate and Blair are so awkward and uncomfortable around each other. I think one thing has been holding Nate back from Serena and that's the fact that she is always with someone. I mean, hello, she's Serena. It would be perfect: Chuck and Blair; Nate and Serena. All four best friends from the beginning.
I'll admit it. Nate provides a source of comfort, familiarity, and security for Blair and maybe that's what she needs at this difficult point in her life. But sooner or later, Queen B needs to trade in her security blanket for her prince charming-and that's Chuck Bass.


seriously i loveeeeee chair but now this whole clip of nate.. ughh
nate fighting for blair is soooo hottttttt!!
ugh why couldnt nate have been like this in the first season. i guess im undecided now :\
god nows blair is oneee luck girlll! haha nate and chuck are hooott


BTW - I am not endorsing bashing actors b/c you don't like their characters or don't think they're attractive. Growing up in the limelight is hard enough, let alone having every inch of your body dissected and criticized on a weekly basis. I'm so bored with the cookie-cutter L.A. actor look I'm thrilled to have someone like Ed mix it up. Just because the guy hasn't had his teeth filed down and veneered ($2000 per tooth) does not diminish his acting ability.

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