Taylor Momsen: One of People's Most Beautiful

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Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen has just been named to People magazine's annual Most Beautiful People list - quite the honor for the 15-year-old actress!

It's not a huge shock of course, as Taylor Momsen is signed with IMG models. She admits, though, that her height (5'8'') makes it hard to find jeans.

"I have a really strange body," the star who plays Jenny Humphrey told the magazine. "I'm tall, but I'm all legs, like three-fourths of my body."

Taylor Momsen: Beautiful

While any of the other female leads on Gossip Girl would have been equally as deserving, you can't argue with People for choosing Taylor, either. Congrats, girl!

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Wow. I just looked at the list.
It's not that great anyway, lol. Julianne Hough? REALLY?


lI think Blake Lively or Jessica could have easiy been on the list. Whatevs, though. Leighton, too.


I think she's very pretty, but I severely dislike her and she acts too grown up. Besides, I think there are people more deserving of the title.
In any case, congrats!


^^I second that :D


^^^ Exactly i think Leighton is the prettiest and has the best body. Jessica Szhor too.


I do think she is beautiful, but I think the honor should have gone to Leighton. :)


Ewwh why, People, why? She used to be decent in S1 but now she's hideous. She always has horrible makeup and she tries to hard to be edgy (epic fail btw).


Congrats to Taylor. She's one of my favorites.


Where the hell is Leighton? She should be in this issue! People is starting to suck in my opinion!


ew she was cute last season but her hair style and racoon makeup this season just kills it. Leighton and Blake are so much prettier

@ js_29

I know she looks like a horrible chick


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