Lost Season Finale Title: Revealed!

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It's depressing to admit, but the fifth (and penultimate!) season of Lost comes to an end in two weeks.

Instead of contemplating how empty our Wednesday nights (and, let's face it, our lives) will be when it's over, let's focus what remains instead. Specifically, the two-hour season finale.

Janitor Jack

ABC has finally released the title of the May 13 episode. What is it? What clues does it offer? Read on and find out!

The title of Lost's fifth season finale will be... The Incident!

There's little doubt this refers to the accident at the Swan station. Will Jack and company stop "the incident" before it ever takes place, thereby changing the future forever? We can't say for sure.

But we can say this: our faces will be glued to the screen for every millisecond of the episode, yearning to find out.

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