Heroes Spoiler: A Power for Mrs. Parkman?

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With three episodes to go in season three, Heroes is likely to drop a few major twists on fans over the next few weeks.

In a new interview with TV Guide, Greg Grunberg, who portrays Matt Parkman on the dismal NBC series, drops a significant hint about what's to come regarding one recurring character.

Asked about Parkman reconciling with his ex-wife - with whom, he just discovered, he has a son -  Grunberg said "it's going to take some work," adding:

"She's got secrets of her own — Janice is not as simple a character as everybody thinks. Where did those diamonds go [in Season 1]? There's a lot of things we don't know. We made a baby with powers together, and I don't think that's a one-sided thing."

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What's in store for Parkman? Follow our link for more Heroes spoilers and information!

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