Gossip Girl Round Table: "Seder Anything"

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As fans gather in our Seder Anything" include memorable lines, curious plot holes, Jewish humor, Nate's future, the changing Blair and the mysterious Gabriel ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Blair's "I'm one of the Chosen Ones. I was wandering the Bassian desert, and I've reached the Vanderbilt Promised Land." Great for yet another use of Chuck's name, and also for the episode's (and Passover's) theme of redemption.

Gossip Guy: In a rare first move, I want to give it to Jenny for standing up to Chuck so much this episode. Especially when she told him that "The only human contact that you don't pay for is the people in this house." Harsh and true!

Mister Meester: I loved how, when he Nate was breaking up with Blair, he recounted aloud the events of the past hour. All of the twists, turns, lies and schemes do get a bit confusing, even for the characters themselves. Vintage Gossip Girl.

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2. In honor of Josh Schwartz and two-thirds of our panel, what was the best Jewish humor-related part of the episode?

DANdy: The "Schmutz Happens" apron. 'Nuff said.

Mister Meester: Pretty much any line by Cyrus. He is hilarious. They need to put Wallace Shawn on retainer. With Cyrus and Dorota, Gossip Girl has a couple of great random, supporting characters to inject comic relief once in awhile.

Gossip Guy: Well thank you for this great honor. Really, the whole seder and its many interruptions was fantastic. I think my favorite part was everyone going for the sip of the wine before the blessing. Been there, done that. Though, technically they couldn't have even poured it before the seder begins since pouring of the glass is part of it. Where was your Jewish consultant? I'm available for free if you fly me out to the set.

3. Should Nate go to Yale or Columbia?

Mister Meester: Probably Yale, although I love the assertion that Columbia is somehow slumming it (or that Nate could get in there on his own merit but not Yale). U.S. News & World Report ranks both in its top 10 nationally!

DANdy: Columbia, but not because of the grandfather. The last time he visited Yale, if you recall, Nate pretended to be Dan, hooked up with some girl, and had a group of goons trying to kick his ass. Time for a fresh start.

Gossip Guy: Definitely Yale. I want grandpa Vanderbilt on my side. Oh no, poor Nate has to go to the school he didn't get into on his own merits. Wah. Personally, I'd mooch every opportunity I could. Want to adopt me gramps?

4. Strangest plot hole: Jenny having her Monopoly date at the van der Woodsen's and not in Brooklyn, Nate staying at the rehearsal dinner after his kiss-off toast, or Serena actually thinking she's married?

Gossip Guy: By far Jenny playing Monopoly at the van der Woodsen's. She hasn't moved in yet. What the hell is she doing there? Trying to get late-night raped by Chuck? Honestly, Nate may be pretty, but he's not smart enough to take a hint. And Serena? Can you blame her for kind of wanting to be married to that beef cake?

DANdy: All interesting questions, but Nate all the way. How did he not simply walk out of the rehearsal after dissing his grandfather like that? If nothing else, one would think he'd be worried that Maureen might try to poison him.

Mister Meester: I think Serena secretly wished the marriage was legit, and you can't apply logic to anything Nate does. But Jenny and Wes hanging out at the VDW's was the best. She doesn't live there, first of all - and wouldn't new, anti-UES Little J embrace her middle-class Brooklyn roots? Makes no sense.

Just Friends For Now
Serena and Gabriel Kissing

Serena van der Woodsen with boyfriends past and present.

5. Gabriel: Intriguing or boring?

Mister Meester: He seems like he's kind of a stiff, but clearly there's something beneath the surface. I'm curious to see what he does that gets Serena arrested.

Gossip Guy: Maybe I just love this guy from his stint as the Devil's son on Reaper, but Armie Hammer seems to play the good looking, subtly evil bastard so well. I was very happy to find out he wasn't all good when he talked to Poppy at the end. Can't wait to see where this handsome devil's plot line is going.

DANdy: Zzzzz. What's so dashing about this guy? This episode proved how great Serena and Dan are together ... even when just pretending to be together.

BONUS QUESTION: Has Blair really changed - and is being with Nate stifling the feisty, confident B we know and love?

DANdy: Meek, submissive, floundering Blair 2.0 is not doing it for me (although Leighton Meester is terrific in selling it). The old B would have played hardball with the grandfather and taken down Tripp's finacee so hard after that snarky comment. Hopefully N and C fighting over her in the next few weeks will restore the queen!

Mister Meester: Chuck said it best, and simplest: Blair is changing, having chosen Nate over him. It may be foolish to want her to be anything but herself, but hopefully for us, her Season One and early Season Two self returns ASAP.

Gossip Guy: I always want to believe the worst in people and think they can't change. In this case, the worst would be the best thing ever. I need my Queen B.


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1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode? CHUCK: "it's stupid for you to want her to be anything other than what she is" It shows that only CHUCK can understand her
Nate should back off and go to YALE. You are handsome
but you really have no brain. I am really sorry. 2. In honor of Josh Schwartz and two-thirds of our panel, what was the best Jewish humor-related part of the episode? I dunno about this one. how about Elijah's chair? 3. Should Nate go to Yale or Columbia? Yale. so that Chair can get tgt . isn't that obvious? 4. Strangest plot hole: Jenny having her Monopoly date at the van der Woodsen's and not in Brooklyn, Nate staying at the rehearsal dinner after his kiss-off toast, or Serena actually thinking she's married? Nate. ALl the way. Jenny's fine. I'm starting to be intrigued by her. Her emotion is so strong and such a firm character. No wonder she 's going to be the next queen Bee at the end of finale. She really have grown up and starts to believe in herself and hold on to her beliefs not just become a minion and follow anyone for nothing. 5. Gabriel: Intriguing or boring? He's a robot with human face and voice. but still yeah, better than vanessa. Don't writers realize that the lesser vanessa appears, the better the epidsode becomes? like this epi. i finally feel like GG is returning to its normal light-hearted sense , packed with emotionally strong scenes. BONUS QUESTION: Has Blair really changed - and is being with Nate stifling the feisty, confident B we know and love? personally no. She's just. being delusional.
eventually she will 1. dump Nate 2. stop being clingy and drop her good girlfriend act. 3. stop playing twisted games with chuck. 4. get into YAle and ivy league school. how come serena get into Brown and she's going to NYU? it's so not fair. come on, blair is straight A student.

Chuck blair fanatic

pLease blair give chuck another chance.......im begging u........we love to see you together as a couple...

Chuck blair fanatic

omG!!! i knew it i feel it chuck and blair well be together ...please dnt disappoint us, fans of chuck and blair ..nate i tnk his for jenny and the twist is vanessa will again ntrfere....hahaha i reall cnt wait....

Chuck blair fanatic

omG!!!! i just dont get over ...i really love to see serena and dan get back together,is there any plans for the loveteam to be back ??????i dnt like gabriel......


Blair is changing! I don't think she is changing because of Nate. After the Yale incident she feel very bad and have realized that she herself w/ all the scheming and evil plotting is what bring down the house- blair evil plan destroy blair herself. Nate's nothing great except now that he realized himself and want to be able to do something himself, so he can have respect for he himself. Nate is the key to hold Blair. He led her to the right path! He love her just as she is normal. Blair does not have to try to impress anyone to be w/Nate. Being w/ Nate Blair is less selfish. Blair just have to realized that because she is to selfish and always want to impress and beat people. If Blair step back one step she will realized no one is competing w/ her. I would love to see these two characters grow more, because they support each other and balance each other out.


EVERYTHING chuck said in this ep was amazing, he made me laugh, he made me sad, he is just a woonderful character and I love him soo much, also Dan was perfect in this episode. I'm looking foorward to see what Poppy & Gab are planning, but Gabriel himself... i don't know there's something about him that makes him look gay :s. hahahaha uhm... THE WEIRDEST was defntly Nate stayin' :S OKAY! eeeveryone would have gone asap! hahahaha but Nate's not the smartest, soo... I'M GONNA LOVE 2X22 BCS CHUCK+BLAIR spend the whole time together, YAY! that's the only reason Gabriel's okay on the show! (:

I am chuck bass

favourite quote: would have to be either
1. chuck - "If you here screams, don't be alarmed. We're fine." i was literally rofling in that scene. much PDA??
2. gabriel - "I called your apartment. The guy said you would probably be here. He also asked me if I had any hash ..." hahahah bet it was chuck :P


I really enjoyed this episode because Chuck was sexxxyyyy( like he always is) My only probelm is with three people. 1: Dan and Serena. I loved it when they were dating and i was really sad the FIRST time they broke up but now their starting to get on my nerves with this i love you, i dont want to ruin our friendship crap. either they stay together or stop trying. 2: Blair. I am sooo mad at blair for not giving Chuck another chance. I mean he hot, sexy , and well... HE'S CHUCK BASS!! I know he let her down plenty of times but he really showed that he loved her and wanted to prove it with some im sorries and really hot sex. lol


NATEBASS, that was my favorite line!! HAHA


PeeJay - i am sorry but i find that offensive. if you are someone who would dislike an entire culture that is your problem but if you are going to post that publically then be prepared for people to respond. i don't know what your reason is for diliking the jewish culture but i can't think of any reason that is good enough or legitimate enough to post that. do you know ANYTHING about jewish culture or ANY jewish people? mabe ou should be more open minded. there are many aspects to the culture.

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