Danger No Longer Has Love for Ray J

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Despite a face tattoo and absolutely insane personality, Danger did not win over Ray J on his recently-completed dating show, For the Love of Ray J. That honor fell to Cocktail.

Now, in a new interview with VH1, the controversial contestant takes on a number of topics. Here are excerpts from the conversation:

On diminished feelings for Ray J: I didn’t really have the same feelings for him [on the finale] because he was sleeping with Cocktail. I didn’t want to share a man. I don’t have to do that. As gorgeous and intelligent as I am, I can have one man who’s loyal to me.

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On whether or not Ray J betrayed her: Yeah. I consider Ray J a friend of mine, and I have love for him, but I would never, ever date him.

On being portrayed as unstable: [Viewers] don’t see what I’m going through on the show. They don’t see me not being able to sleep. They don’t see me being sick. They just see what they are shown: me freaking out. So if you see an end result and not the cause, of course it’s going to be weird.

On regrets from the show
: I’m real and honest and people can be the same way with me. I feel like I can connect with people, and I’m glad that’s part of my personality. I think that’s why Ray and I got along so well. It was obvious that I wasn’t there to date him just because he’s famous. I really took the time to get to know him as a person.

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