The Writers' Take on "Stand By Me"

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Zoanne Clack, the Grey's Anatomy writer who authored last night's episode, have posted some of her thoughts on "Stand By Me" on the show's official writers' blog. Below are some excerpts, with a link to the full column at the bottom ...


Yes! Meredith Grey takes back the night!

I mean this literally (she’s getting back her man) and figuratively (using the reference of women empowering themselves because as I’m sure you know, March is Women’s History Month – catch the nearest parade in your city). Derek says, “I love you” and Mer answers, “I know” ... anybody remember that from somewhere else? Come on, let your geek flow.

The writers here at Grey’s Anatomy have no problems letting our geek flow. We like to think of it as being “geek chic” and we welcome you to join us.  But it’s not just the writers actually, everybody embraces their inner geek here. The editor of this episode, Susan Vaill, emailed me all excited that we’d put it in and taken this exchange back for the ladies.

Okay, some of you may already know what I’m talking about whilst others of you are completely lost. Anybody see a little movie called The Empire Strikes Back? Princess Leia says, “I love you” to Han Solo right before he’s about to be frozen in carbonite (another reference we’ve used before… episode 416 ... season 4 finale ... cement boy ... ring any bells?) and Han Solo says, “I know.”

A Smiling Mer

He kind of says it in an “of course you do, look at me” kind of way. So now, we’ve taken back that exchange and handed it over to the women. And we’ve made it both feminist and feminine at the same time I’d like to think.  Feminist because Mer’s all “I’m woman, hear me roar” because she’s all that and of course he still loves her always.

Feminine at the same time because he’s vulnerable, and she’s not taking advantage of that moment, and she loves him, too.

She’s not giving up on him. She’s not giving up on their love and she’s not giving up on him as a surgeon. She’s standing by her principles and standing by her man.

Speaking of not giving up, is Cristina a freakin’ sledgehammer or what? She just keeps pounding Izzie and pounding her until Izzie finally has to lash out and speak the unspeakable. Not having treatment? Why would she ever even go there?

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