New York Goes to Work: The Return of Tiffany Pollard!

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You've missed Tiffany Pollard. Admit it.

The woman who tried - and failed - to find love and success in Hollywood on various reality TV shows is returning to the only company that will employ her.

On May 4, VH1 will premiere New York Goes to Work, an especially insulting, inappropriate series during these hard economic times.

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While millions of Americans try to land a job everyday (in order to, you know, support their family), Pollard will shuttle between a variety of enterprises, all voted on by viewers.

If she can impress her employers, Tiffany will receive a $5,000 weekly bonus. However, if she quits, fails, or gets fired, she’ll be stuck with nothing except lots of publicity and the temporary possession of a job that someone else might actually need to pay off his mortgage.

Will you watch New York Goes to Work? Or does this mockery of the current job market cross the line, even by VH1's standards?

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New York is da numba 1 hbic so ya bettta respect i luv her


I can not believe this no talent, worthless, horse-headed beotch is on TV again! I absolutly refuse to watch any show with her in it and as well as any show featuring Daisy DeLa Hoya. What is the TV world coming to when they dig up these POS people who have nothing going for them? It just makes no sense. And I know this is a comment section for New York but I've heard that even Daisy thinks she can sing, act, and model. WTF!! SOrry to go off on that area but it just annoys me.


There is no way in hell I will watch this TV. She is talentless, annoying as hell, and her voice makes my want to cut off my ears. Get the hell off of TV! You def ain't all that!


newyork! is a stupid nasty, gremilin looking tramp. on her new show, she should be a $2 whore cause thats how she acts. plus shes retarded, my turd has more talent than she does...


NEWYORK, is a dirty, DIRTY


I love my girl New York I've been watchin her since flavor of love[not lyke a stalker*gosh].I always wait for her to come out with new shows,as long as vh1 keeps on makin 'em I'll keep on watching


Hey "Pimpboy"; you're late for your shift at Taco Bell. LOSER.


Will watch


pimpboy77...I am with you...the ho need to get an education and get a normal job like normal people!!! This beotch will never be hollywood material!


why is this ho back on TV fuckkkkk