New York Goes to Work: The Return of Tiffany Pollard!

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You've missed Tiffany Pollard. Admit it.

The woman who tried - and failed - to find love and success in Hollywood on various reality TV shows is returning to the only company that will employ her.

On May 4, VH1 will premiere New York Goes to Work, an especially insulting, inappropriate series during these hard economic times.

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While millions of Americans try to land a job everyday (in order to, you know, support their family), Pollard will shuttle between a variety of enterprises, all voted on by viewers.

If she can impress her employers, Tiffany will receive a $5,000 weekly bonus. However, if she quits, fails, or gets fired, she’ll be stuck with nothing except lots of publicity and the temporary possession of a job that someone else might actually need to pay off his mortgage.

Will you watch New York Goes to Work? Or does this mockery of the current job market cross the line, even by VH1's standards?

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