Jessica Szohr is a Lucky Girl

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Gossip Girl actress Jessica Szohr (Vanessa Abrams) appears on the April 2009 cover of Lucky Magazine, which is due to be released tomorrow, March 10.

When the 23-year-old Jessica arrived at the mag’s Manhattan studio, it was clear that her tiny Lhasa Apso puppy, Watson, was at home in the spotlight.

Lucky Girl

“(Gossip Girl co-stars) Blake Lively and Leighton Meester usually bring their dogs to work, so there are animals everywhere,” explained Jessica Szohr.

The gorgeous Wisconsin native, who's been linked to co-star Ed Westwick in real life, is as relaxed about her personal style as she is about her dog:

“I’m a total thrift-store junkie and always have been .... Most of my closet is secondhand. I’m just starting to add a few designer pieces here and there.”

Click to enlarge two more Jessica Szohr photos from the mag:

Jessica in Lucky
Jessica Szohr in Lucky Magazine

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Haha wow this amaze me, this is actually a good thing because it just means people are talking more and more about Jessica and you know how the sayings goes " If you're being talked're somebody" So go on haters keep talking...really keep talking crap, You guys are all just making her more and more fabulous. I love J/V. Keep rockin' J!!


i admit i never really liked or cared for vanessa on the show because her character is often shown as judgmental and hypocritical and is just plain annoying. therefore, i wasn't really interested in the actress who played the character. i thought the acting was mediocre, which may not be her fault. it may be because she doesn't have as interesting a character. it's hard to tell if she's a great actress or not since she doesn't get as great a storyline as some of the other characters. when i first heard that her and ed were dating, i wasn't thrilled about it because yes i think ed and leighton are adorable together both on screen and off. HOWEVER after seeing some pictures of ed and jessica together, i had to admit, they were pretty cute too. plus, it's there lives and it's not like anything we say or think will affect their relationship. i also used to think that compared to the rest of the cast, vanessa wasn't as pretty, which has to do with a lot of her style as well. she's never really glammed up like blair or serena and does a lot of weird things with her looks. however recently after watching some interviews of her, i think her personality is cute. sometimes it's hard to tell if she's pretty or not because in some pictures she really is (like in these photos) and in others she isn't. but whether she is or isn't is beside the point. everyone has different tastes and she may be gorgeous to some and not to others. it shouldn't be something to diss each other over or argue about. saying how much she sucks or dissing commentators about how much they suck for hating on her will not make the other like or hate her more. also just because people don't like her doesn't have to mean that they're jealous of her, some probably are and others may just don't really like her. if we all liked the same things, there'd be no variety in anything. sorry, i normally don't comment on message boards but after seeing how much people insult each other over this same issue on board after board just made me want to say something.


I hate her she is so not better looking than Blake or Leighton. I don't care you Jessica S. lovers of your opinions as you shouldn't care of mine you posted yours I'm posting mine.


why do you ppl hate "J" so much
shes great at playing vanessa(who is one of the coolest characters on GG)
also shes nice and prettier than most of you ppl will ever be


hey, "BLAIR." you're an idiot, shut up you sorry loser way to justify your opinion w/ nonexistent facts


wow Jessica C fan,
that is kinda eeuwwww...gross anyways,i think Jessica S is georgous,i like her picture when she's doing her serious look coz there's so much energy there(i am not tyra banks),but she doesnt look really good if she smile wide since she doesnt hv so much of a prominent cheek sum up,she cannot do close up mag cover(in a smilling pose),but she definitely can look georgous posing for the pages inside the mag(like i say,i'm totally not tyra banks!)


A lot of people hating on Jessica need to grow up and get over it. I love Ed Westwick and Chuck, and I'm personally not all for Vanessa, but don't you think it's a bit much to assume that Jessica's only getting publicity because of Ed? That's just plain stupid. Like Ed is the biggest thing to hit the shelves since sliced bread (but I love him regardless). Anyway... Leave her alone, she's beautiful. She doesn't even get as much publicity as Blake and Leighton and a lot of the other stars... So just calm the hell down you little brats.

Avatar, whenever I see her, I just think 'WOW'...she's amazing, beautiful gorgeouse, exotic, beautiful, stunning, incredible amazing, lush, drop-dead-stare-in-the-sreet-awe-striking-beautiful, absauloutly, incredibly beautiful.


GROW UP, haters!!! ;)


SHES FUKEN HOT i tap that all night ;)

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