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TVGuide recently got to sit down with the beautiful JoAnna Garcia to discuss the season one finale of Privileged and its chance at a second season.  Here's a small excerpt from the interview, which we leaned heavily towards the season finale spoilers: So sell us and sell us hard on the season finale. What's going down?
A lot! It's all about love — the beginnings of love, the end of love.... We shot a jam-packed, huge finale.. Like with explosions and helicopter chases?
No, but there's a wedding! And there's alcohol involved, and a one-night stand. But really and truly, the future of this show is about Megan's life outside of the mansion, outside of the girls. We've added a new cast member to play an editor, and he's got an amazing storyline. The season finale is going to show you really what the show is about. Let's talk about this new editor, David, and give his portrayer a name — Robert Buckley. If there's a Season 2, is he definitely returning?
Yes. As a full-on series regular.

Megan and Her New Boss Do you see David as being the "Big" to Megan's "Carrie"?
You're going to find that David and Megan have a lot in common, but they deal with their pasts in very different ways. I think they'll be soul mates in a way, but there will be a roller-coaster of a journey to get to a place where they can see eye-to-eye and appreciate that. So, no necking in the season finale?
Probably not. [Laughs]

You can read the rest of the interview, including when TV Guide asks about JoAnna Garcia dating Robert Buckley in real life at TV Guide.

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Boss [about Megan's hair]: It's just so bright
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