Two More Sneak Previews of "Carrnal Knowledge"

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In the first sneak preview of "Carrnal Knowledge" we posted today, we got a glimpse into the world of Chuck Bass ... maybe underworld would be a better word.

Now, two more have been released. In the first, Blair Waldorf has completed community service and looks to be making amends with Miss Carr. Yeah, right ...

[video url="" title="Carrnal Knowledge Sneak Preview #2"][/video]

Follow the jump for another "Carrnal Knowledge" sneak peek, with Blair in full revenge mode and enlisting the help of (wait for it) ... Secret Agent Dorota!!

[video url="" title="Carrnal Knowledge Sneak Preview #3"][/video]

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i love dorata! i just saw a quick glimpse and i laughed and my mom goes" larissa....go to bed and stop watching gossip girl"


LOL At Dorotas knock and the way she dresses so agent like :)


lol wow that scene with blair and dorota is amazing. every moment of it.

Jdore chair

i totally agree
we will have them soon
for know.............worry about blair.
hey!!!!!!!!!!! epiphanY!!!!! lol hahaha okayy i think that
blair is expelled-->her bulimia comes back-->chuck loves her-->i scream!!!!!!!!!!!!
uhh okayy maybe not exactly, but something like this will happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chair xoxo


im bored.. i want chair

Jdore chair

i want a dorota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahaha i love blair! chair xoxo


Dorota and Blair are just like Karen and Rosario on Will and Grace! lol


wtf dorota lol!


Dorota, is the best part of Gossip Girl. Well her and Chair. I can't wait until Monday, it's going to be so hard sitting in class all day.


omfg! When i saw that other promo, i couldn't believe that they asked Blair to leave contance. And how blair said " You're expelling me?" It sound much sadder in that promo

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