NBC President: Lipstick Jungle Officially NOT Cancelled

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So on a day where NBC President announced they were renewing 30 Rock, The Office and The Biggest Loser (ugh!), Angela Bromstad also delivers us Lipstick Jungle fans some good news.

According to the president, "We officially have not canceled Lipstick Jungle," Bromstead adds. "I think that there are alternatives that we may look into for Lipstick Jungle; it's all conversation for fall. We have to see what our pilots are."

She contiues to deliver the good news by saying, "We feel very strongly about Life, Friday Night Lights and Lipstick Jungle, we won't replace shows that are loved by fans just for the sake of putting another show on."

So what do you guys think, does Lipstick Jungle still have a fighting chance?

Wendy Comes to Visit Victory
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I love the show and would be very disappointed if it is cancelled. I just found the show by chance last year and couldn'y wait to see the following weeks episode. So please keep it going.


i am from Kuwait and this I fell in love with the show which means alot for us.
I can`t wait to see the thired season please please let us se it soooooooon.


Will the show still air in the uk?


I love this show! It might even be better than Sex and the City... I really hope it comes back.


Please keep the show going.. We love it here in Australia!
Look forward to it every week. Great cast and character development is moving along. There is nothing else like it with characters in that age group. Great drama yet funny and entertaining. Thank you.


I love this show...it has alot to offer compared to some other shows that are on these days. I say thanks for giving them another chance. They deserve it!


If the show is not cancelled, then why did Lindsey Price sign on to do another show on a different network?


Yeah! I looooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee this show! And definately bring back Nico & Kirby! I'm a huge fan!


When is the show coming back.... I really miss the show and so do all my co-workers. There are 5 of us right here on this side of the building who just love it. If it comes back on, I know I can persuade other people in the office to watch it.... it is the best.... please please bring it back and quickly.....

Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Wendy [about Maddie]: Remind me why I was so eager to hear her first words
Shane: Oh the good times will come around again darling. Soon she'll be 16 and she'll stop talking to us all together

Victory: So what are we now?
Joe: A day older