Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Stairway to Heaven"

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While fans gather in our Stairway to Heaven" Round Table include Meredith's morbid decision, the possible departure of Denny, some terrific acting efforts, and George's continued absence ...

1. Meredith attending the lethal injection: Creepy or compassionate?

McCritic: Creepy. Whether or not you believe in the death penalty, actually attending such an event - for someone you've known for mere days - goes beyond dark and twisty, Mer.

missingBurke: Creepy, although everything happens for a reason. Maybe it took this to get Cristina and Meredith on speaking terms again, in which case it would be worth it.

iheartizzie: Creepy. One wonders why Meredith would possibly take him up on that offer. The girl is a glutton for emotional punishment. Thank goodness she has Derek now.

Ghost Love

2. Is Denny finally gone?!?

iheartizzie: We pretty much know that he's not, since they tell us these things in advance now. Months in advance. I think my greatest problem with this story (besides it making no sense) is how blatantly they try to string it along. I must say, though, that Katherine Heigl and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have great chemistry. Maybe they should co-star in a Ghost remake.

McCritic: I can't even think about that question at the moment. Izzie is sick?!? I totally didn't see that coming!

missingBurke: Not according to some of the Grey's Anatomy spoilers we've read. Sounds like Denny will remain by Izzie's side as she goes through her ailment.

3. Better performance: Chandra Wilson or Samantha Mathis (Jackson's mother)?

missingBurke: Gotta be a tie. Both those actresses can turn on the water works with the best of them!

McCritic: Chandra Wilson. Mathis was great, but Dr. Bailey went through a range of emotions this week, from angry to confused to sorrowful and everything in between. Hand her an Emmy!

iheartizzie: Chandra. She's awesome. Wilson and Sandra Oh are the show's glue, and deserve their perennial Emmy consideration. Mathis' role deserves praise, though - a recurring character that the show didn't run out of town under controversial circumstances. What a feat!

4. Lexie Grey: Great girlfriend or the greatest girlfriend?

McCritic: Just a great girlfriend. While her concern over Mark was adorable, let's remember she did still break his penis. Ouch!

iheartizzie: The best. Girlfriends show up and strip for you, asking you to "teach" them. But cuddling up to Mark like that in his time of need? After breaking the very thing that makes Mark Sloan Mark Sloan? That's what keepers do.

missingBurke: I still like Mark and Callie better in terms of chemistry and overall interaction, but Lexipedia is growing on me a little each week, I must admit!

5. Got any words for George O'Malley?

iheartizzie: Bet you wish you'd taken that transfer to Mercy West right now, eh?

missingBurke: Hang in there, buddy. If characters keep dropping out of the show at this rate, there's gotta be a storyline for you at some point.

McCritic: Are you angry that Izzie keeps talking about her love for Denny? I thought she told you that you were her soulmate!

Doctor O'Malley
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Are you kidding? You think George had more time. Hello he got 3 seconds and 4 lines, two including the words Yes sir, like he was Ruichard's little slave or something. George is a freaking RESIDENT. He should get respect. He is my favorite character and if they don't give him something soon, this fan won't watch. Shonda, you seriously underestimate the George fans' numbers and loyalty here.


Izzie won't die. Trust me....they have already said that she will be ATLEAST for the 7 seasons that grey's is contracted for, so 2 more after this one. And hopefully they will get picked up for an 8th and 9th!


Seriously? If Izzie dies, and the team, the Shepard Method, Shonda, WHOEVER, don't save her-- I will be devastated!!!! Whatever this aneurysm-like thing is, it HAS to be curable!!!


Also, Topperdog-- watch the promo for "Beat Your Heart Out"-- a very alive Izzie is taking a blood sample from herself.


NO, Izzie is NOT DEAD!!! Hypothetically, if she was dead, Bailey and Mer wouldn't have had any dilemma about PDR's organs and should he live or die, because if Izzie was already dead and an organ donor and a match for Jackson, they wouldn't have hesitated or felt desperate to get him organs-- they would have taken them from Izzie! AND they all would have been devastated about Izzie!!!!!!


K, no offense to anyone or anything, but I think some people need to know how to spell the characters' names. Here is a list of the names, and it's how they spell them: Meredith Grey
Cristina Yang
Derek Shepherd
Izzie Stevens Sorry, but when I see people misspelling other names it annoys me. People could never spell my last name.


The last 3 weeks of GA has been really good. I see the end of Izzy and although sad. I"m not real upset about it. Heigl wants to be off the show. So I do believe that she will probably die in the next couple of episodes. For gods sake. I hope she don't linger with Denny much longer. As for the organs the little boy got they belonged to a man. I hope Lizzy is a organ doner. Cause her heart need to go to Erica's guy. The one that Erica quit her job over. Because of Izzy and Bruke stealing the heart that went to her guy. All in all the last 3 epsodes have been very good. I know poor Mark had to be in some bad pain. But I had to laugh. LOL!!! I guess that is what happens when ya don't honor a friends request. To keep little Sloan in your scrubs. LOL!!! Or little Sloan gets his neck broke. LOL!!! I'm sorry that was just wrong for me to say. LOL!!! And OMG!!! Bailey should get a big award for the part she played, when she cryed over the little boy. That broke my heart, I was sobbing:( Meridith, did a great job in the show too. She was strong and showing what a good person she is. I just hope that her watching the guy die don't make her start seeing him all the time. No more dead men walking please!!! LOL!!! I was thrilled to see that Derrick took Mer to Christina. When she started crying and that Christina come out and comfortered her. They are to good of friends to let this nonsence keep going on. As for Mc Army, I don't like him. I think he has mental problems caused from being in the army. When he come in drunk, had I been Christina he would have been showed the door. I'm sorry I feel like that. But after living in the house with a vietnam vet for over 15 yrs. I know how they are. My step-father had to drink to escape the memories of what he went through over there. So he come home drunk and mad and wanting to fight. And Hunt seems agressive, and drinking isn't a good thing. So Christina needs to think long and hard about having a relationship with him. Like I said earlier. The 3 shows were very good. Can't wait for next week now.


So I've been holding out all season for something that would make me LIKE this show again (like a proud mother, i've always LOVED it, but not always been too fond of it). And i found it again this week... this episode was reminiscent of the earlier episodes, all the moral and ethical questions it brought up, and the interaction between the characters... it was just lovely and brought me to tears (several times during the episode). It had it all- the humor and irony (Mark's penis...), the major medical contradiction ( william the murderer vs. jackson the innocent boy), the friendships ( mer and cristina & lexie and sadie), of course the romance ( MERDER!!!!, cristina and hunt, and maybe even the sad demise of Dizzie). It even left me clamoring for more... there's a RING in the future, Izz is finally figuring out her mystery and Bailey just keeps getting better and better. And while george is not my favorite character, i couldn't help but notice that maybe he got just a little bit more time this week... i sense a change is coming. Oh, and one more thing... they stuck to the theme of the episode which was amazing and lovely and all insightful and everything... all in all--- GREAT JOB SHONDA & CO.!!!!!!! my wonderful show IS BACK!!!!!


I agree with Kim.


the izzie and denny thing is beginning to grow on me. It makes much mroe sense now and I kinda appreciate can't believe it but its actually a good story line maybe they shouldn't have dragged it this long but wow!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Derek: She's in the car, she's in the car and she won't stop crying.
Cristina: Did you propose?
Derek: No. She went to William's execution.

Meredith: I know you don't understand me. I don't understand me. I wanted to show him compassion. That's why I went. That's the reason. And it was horrible... it was horrible.
Derek: It's okay.