Gossip Girl Spoilers: Wednesday Edition

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Here are a couple of interesting Gossip Girl spoilers and topics for speculation from Michael Ausiello at EW this morning. Tell us what you think of the following ...

Q: About Lily and Rufus' child on Gossip Girl: another site said it was a boy, and that he died. Is that true?

A: Only half of it.

Q: I need to know more about Gossip Girl, please!

A: I have a sneaking suspicion that Chuck's mother is alive. Anyone else share my hunch?

Q: Any new news about the Veronica Mars movie? If not, some Gossip Girl scoop is perfectly acceptable.

A: Gossip Girl scoop it is! Word around the UES is that Serena will soon share something in common with Anne Hathaway. And garnering Oscar buzz ain't it.

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