90210 Round Table: "Hello, Goodbye, Amen"

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Welcome to the 90210 Insiders Round Table!

While fans meet up in our 90210 forum to discuss their favorite characters and developments, our staff members have arrived to analyze the burning questions and memorable moments from the latest episode.

Our topics from the show include Adrianna's pregnancy, Annie vs. Naomi's and shady Dixon's future ...

Who is Adrianna's baby's daddy?
BrendaLova: Navid. He and Adrianna may have done the deed soon after he said he was a virgin; otherwise, wouldn't have Adrianna have gotten knocked up a couple months ago and noticed that she hadn't gotten her period in awhile?

The Real McKay
: Ty. Adam Gregory is supposedly coming back to the show. And he's dating Jessica Lowndes in real life. It's perfect!

Wild4Wilds: I fear it's that Hank guy. Adrianna may have avoided HIV, but, sadly, her baby may still need to get tested.

Choose a side: Annie or Naomi.
The Real McKay: Naomi. Why didn't Annie share her concerns with Naomi and her mother? Sean was supposedly just as much part of their family as he was part of the Wilsons.

: Annie. This is classic displacement. Naomi is simply upset that her family life is continually a mess. She's just taking it out on Annie.

BrendaLova: How about Sean? Gotta give the guy credit for taking advantage of the situation. He used a southern accent and puppy dog eyes to perfection. Shouldn't the families have been more careful about who they let into their lives?!?

Will Dixon have a successful singing career?
Wild4Wilds: Totally! I'm not just Wild4Wilds; I'm Wild4Dixon!

BrendaLova: Maybe. Dude needs to work on his stage presence first. He looked more nervous than Adrianna awaiting the results of her HIV test.

The Real McKay
: Yes. Between that voice and the use of Silver's blog to hype his progress, Dixon will soon be a viral sensation.

Should Kelly have forgiven Brenda so quickly?
BrendaLova: This did seem odd. While Brenda's diagnosis was sad, did it really make up for sleeping with Ryan? And did Brenda ever apologize for that? They became BFF rather quickly again.

The Real McKay: I don't think Kelly forgave her, as much as she agreed to remain in her life. These two will never be as close as they once were.

Wild4Wilds: It's not like Kelly was dating Ryan. Heck, Ryan is with someone else right now! The medical issue facing Brenda was, understandably, enough to make Kelly see past the occasional mistakes made by her troubled pal.

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90210 Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Dixon: Christina came along and she exposed me to some really amazing things. But, I know you hate her.
Silver: Okay, well hate is a very strong word. Loathe and detest, maybe.

Silver: I need you to do one thing for me.
Dixon: I know. I'll never lie to you again.
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