90210 Preview: "By Accident"

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On next week's all-new 90210, Ryan returns!

Also, Dixon and Silver continue to experience issues in their relationship. We can't wait!

Take a look at the following promo for "By Accident."

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/promo-for-by-accident/" title="Promo for By Accident"] [/video]

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Buggle Bees
dont be hating!!! im just saying what i heard.
if u go to any other website it says navid is the father.
so dont go teling me to pay attention. im justing posting what i heard.


"Buggle Bees "
ade and ty did not do anything in the hotel..
if u remember ty lefted because he was pissed. oh well we will all see in 1 week or so. who the father is.


Navid is not the Father, after rehab, he tells Ade, he is a virgin - so how could he have had sex with her before rehab, and be a virgin after - doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. The night Annie was supposed to go to the Hotel Ade was there with Ty remember - so they could have had sex that night - we don't know what actually happened in that hotel. Next episode maybe pay attention and you will understand the show. Thanks


thank u "aonymous" aleast someone is paying attention..
ty is not the father.. WHEN DID THEY HOOK UP?????
adianna doesnt even say that ty is the father.
she thinks he's the father but hes not.. IM going to laugh SO SO So hARD when we all find out that NAVID IS IN FACT THE FATHER!!!


Wow!!! to all the people saying its Navid. He is a virgin and why do you think he broke up with her?? Because its not his! And ano 16 year old would want to take care of another mans baby unless Youre name is Ben from Secret Life of the american teenager.lol The babys father is Ty. Duh.. She basically confirms with Naomi when naomi asks if Adriannas going to tell him. It only makes sense plus Ty and Adrianna date in real life. So no wonder that storyline is contrived.


i rlly feel bad for brenda she can't have a child.well she's sjealous of adriannna, so she's hoping adrriana is going to adopt her child. p.s. navid id the father because in the episode addrians said that it happened before rehab. then she said it could only be 1 person. and she dosent want to tell him because they broke up. i rlly wish they get back together!!!D:


we dont lnow who the father is yet.... just because they showed ty doent mean he is the father.. and by the way "90210 luver" my spoliers are correct.
it's on this website and a whole bunch more!!!!!


this episode was so good!


Ethan does get hit in the accident. I hope he is okay.... And Navid is not the father of Adriana's baby, it is Ty and he doesnt want any part of it.


none of those spoilers make since they look more like foilers to me better check your sources because they maybe wrong.

90210 Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

I think my Dead Poet's Society days are over. I just gotta do a job and cash a pay check.


The phrase 'gag me' comes to mind.