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LOL...I thought the same thing...Ed's performance was like the Joker without make-up! FANTASTIC! He is one BEAUTIFUL guy!
This show is killing me...in a good way! Chair is just like my first love and me my senior year in high school...just without all the money and perks. Dad's death and all. I swear lately I have wondered just how they captured every emotion I felt years ago! That hug scene was perfect! THAT needed no words! I know the writers are gonna keep them apart for awhile, but I hope things don't get really nasty between them. They need to be able to have private time together. Anyone have a good address for Ed? or the writers? Email me if you do. Thanks. Oh...and Aaron gets on my last nerve.


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

I have to go blair epic "i love you" speech, it was heartbreaking!

2. How great was Ed Westwick last night?

OMFG!Amazing!Best performance ever in the show!

3. Bigger waste of money: Chuck paying for information he torched, or Gossip Girl paying an actress to play Vanessa?

I guess chuck, only because I don't dislike vanesssa, she's not my favorite character, but i'm ok with her being on the show.

4. More confusing plot line: Cece's underlying motives regarding Lily, Dan and Serena basing decisions on whether their parents are dating, Aaron jetting off to Buenos Aires for the holidays (with a high school girl, the day after his dad gets married)?

Serena and Dan. I really don't get what the problem is! So their parents are in love, it's not like their related or anything. Sure it'd be awkward if rufus and lilly decided to get married, and they became step-siblings, but wouldn't serena and dan be out of the house and off to college by then?

5. Kleenex alert! On a scale of 1-10, rate the following heartwarming moments:

Blair saying the three little words - 10
The Waldorf-Rose wedding - 6
The Blair-Cyrus talk - 9.5
The Silent Chair embrace - 100

6. Bonus question.

This is my idea: Lily had a son, named andrew. she gave him up to adoption. she and rufus will go looking for the adoptive parents. the adoptive father'll tell him andrew died in a boat accident, but he'll be lying to try to keep rufus and lily from finding andrew and telling him the truth.



I liked the idea of Vanessa getting Aaron for her own

In the books I love Aaron and the way he likes Blair

But in the show, V and A would be perfect together, two characters hated by a big part of the GG fans



Well, even if they are really in B. A. this episode is already shot so it's too late. Sorry :(

Vanessa-free episode is a blessing. Honestly, I would pay if she disappears.


1. my favorite quote must definetely be chuck's outrage at the funeral 'family?i dont have a family!'. that was just brilliant! i hate it how lily always tries to act motherly to everyone (jenny,chuck,dan) its stupid!

2. i think ed's performance was outstanding.
Right now, Blair and him are the only ones who make the show watchable!

3. i have to say definetely vanessa,
her role is just so unecessary, she really should die, ..and shouldnt get a funeral...
her 'relationship' with nate just ridicules the show, it made me nauseous. why would nate ever go for her? she ruined his life more or less, its really inconsistent with the rest of the story

4. that serena-aaron-dan-lily-rufus-story currently sucks, honestly..
first of all, serena and dan getting back together, who wants to see that??they have hooked up twice in the series, and why cant they move on? cant dan just sleep with some random girl, and then they're over each other?anyways, im just sick of seeing the SAME LAAAAME storyline over and over and over again, nevermind aaron, but it contains more logic if he and serena stay together for a while...

5.Blair saying the three little words - 9;
The Waldorf-Rose wedding - 5;
The Blair-Cyrus talk - 8;
The silent Chair embrace - 10!!!best moment ever.


I was in tears, big waterfall yesterday. With the I love you, oh man, that was so sweet what Blair said, " I want to be with you wherever your are wherever you go I want to be there". She then took his hand and said it. AWWWW. Then Chuck in her room, so much pain on his face, so much hurt and then Blair comforts him with so much love. Such a tender and romantic moment! Lately, I haven't cried this much while watching a t.v. show. Keep it up G.G.


ahahhaha, i love how everyones answer on here to number 3 is vanessa. and i completely agree with that statement. if anyone on the show needs to die this season, its her.


oh, and it is impossible for DAN and SERENA to have the same mother because THEY ARE THE SAME AGE. um, duh! unless they are twins, and im sure somebody would've noticed, lily could not have been pregnant with dan and serena.


isn't it interesting that the episode everyone thinks is the BEST of the season contained EVERY SINGLE main character EXEPT VANESSA?

the episode is so friggin good without her! imagine all future episodes like that, no vanessa! if she was in it, she would've serioiusly wreaked the whole ep. like imagine life without vanessa.

1) blair would've told chuck she loved him when they were on the rooftop in brooklyn because the only reason she didn't was because Vanessa told Dan that blair was evil

2) Jenny and Nate would totally be together by now, vanessa just screwed everything up by taking the letter! and stealing nate! bitch!

3) Nate would've gotten all his money back after his affair with catherine. blair's plot was that catherine give nate all the money, but vanessa wrecked it by telling catherine's husband. so without vanessa nate wouldn't have had to live on the floor with no heater!

and other stuff too, gosh i really wish she wasn't on the show!!! blehhsikjhf


My fav quote would be by Dan. "Well I got it first." I think it was hilarious. LOL.

& did anyone notice how awkward th hug between Aaron & Serena was at th funeral but th hug she gave Dan was full on. & Aaron's face was ... You know! HAHAS!

Seriously Aaron should get lost! Its touching to see Dan & Serena reliving their moments & all sorts. But why care bout their parents. Dan & Serena should get back tgt now!

Cant wait for Jan 5th. Maybe she finally ditched Aaron. -hopes!-

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