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Why can't Aaron just say "Yeah" once, instead of his usual Yeah yeah, like normal people do?


I thought the episode was great. I mean I am mssing the C&B chemistry but I am hopeful it will make it that more intense once it actually happens again.

Things I liked:
1. Chuck is so great in every scene whether against Eric or V etc. He is such a great character and Ed Westwick truly brings him to life.
2. Eric. I have missed him. He is so witty and a great part of the cast.
3. Jenny without the black eyeliner. I forgot how pretty she is.
4. Nate scenes. It was nice to see that Chace is not just a pretty face, He is a good actor. Emotional scenes.
5. Scenes for next week... looks like it is going to be worth the wait.
6. I feel the same about Blair as I do Chuck. Her character is awesome and I love her one liners and her insecurites. Great acting.

Things I didn't like;
1. I know we are meant to love to hate V but really she is an annoying character. I wish they would give us something to like about her. Hasn't happen for me yet.
2. Of all the gorgeous GOOD actors out there could they not find a better love interest for Serena... NOT believable at all.
3. As much aa I love the Lily Rufus dynamic... it is just to far fetched that she runs to Rufus' everytime she has an argument with Bart.


Agree with "Castle" Nate like Jenny or Vanessa because they're lower than him and I think he feels like a superheroe with both instead with B or S they were like superwoman i mean Blair waas the one that shine in the relationship they were Blair and Nate; Queen B and N.. AND with Jenny or V he's the man he is the one in charge the one who shines is common sense that he wants to be the one who has the power in relationship .. I like J&N even i HATE jenny last season i think she's changing .. i 2.13 they'are pictures of J with Penelope Hazel and Isabel isn't interesting? I want moree scenes of B's army we haven't seen too much last season we a lot of scenes of Blair Kati and Isabel and then of Penelope Hazel etc i love seeing B as the Queen .. and CAN somebody tell me what happened to Elise the little girl that was always with jenny?????? .. this episode looks to be a GOOD one because all the REAL coupples seem to come together like D&S C&B and Lily and Rufus and wooooooow! the Fashion looks to be the best


Did anyone else notice that Lily called Eric "E"?? I mean, SERIOUSLY?!?


I just had to say that.


I would prefer V over Arron anyday. and its probabily better and more 'Legal' that V and N get together rather than J and N

i'm quite surprised on how well dan is taking S going out with someone else.

but knowing Josh Schwartz he will not repeat his mistakes in the O.C. because if D and S (the main characters) aren't together well theres less incentive to watch this show.

i cringe everytime that S and the artsy guy kiss.



i loved it!!! and the old jenny's back! i'm so glad, but aaron is so ... idk, but i don't like him. at all. and serena's dress was soooo bloody short!!! it would've been better if it was longer though...
but o well! i am so happy atm for all characters because they're finding happiness! espesh blair and her dad, and rufus and jenny

i love gossip girl!!! can't wait till the next episode!!! loll
what's it called anyway???



god, vanessa is a huge bitch. the forum is for voicing your opinion so i feel free to say that. i mean, she used to be nice now shes even worse than the typical upper east sider coz shes just as bad and pretends to be a goody two shoes!

the person im most mad at is nate. first he sends a letter to jenny saying how much he cares, then he asks out vanessa? WTF, does he want to cause as much trouble as possible? i still love nate though, he should choose jenny all the way!

the letter:
"but i can't hide the way i really feel about you. the emotions are too strong for me to just pretend that they don't exist. i think about you all the time. Now that your brother knows about us, i have to stay away from you. But i don't want to. i really care about you. I just don' know what to do.


To DANdy and MiaMiaMeow- I'm from California as well and I'd guess that about 95% of young voters here were against 8. I don't know anyone that voted for it. It was definitely the conservative, elderly, and others that would never watch Gossip Girl who voted it to pass. We're protesting and signing petitions left and right, though, and it will be overturned!

*End off topic rant* :)


Milla, you feel bad for V? You know she's not real, right? = )

Also, character bashing is stupid, I realize this, but this is a public forum in which people are allowed to voice their thoughts. I don't think people should have to censor their opinions on certain characters just because other people disagree or don't want to read about it. Besides no one is being particularly cruel and if they were it wouldn't really matter because the character's are not REAL.

My favorite quote (As usual) goes to Blair. "DOROTA! More flour..." is so simple, but so classic B. And Blair would totally have a tradition that includes watching and assessing others make her pie.

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