Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "In the Midnight Hour"

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While fans gather in our In the Midnight Hour" Round Table include Bailey's new challenge, the interns' punishment (or lack thereof), Meredith and Cristina's fight and more ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

McCritic: When Denny told Izzie it was okay for her to go sleep with Alex: It's okay. I'll be right here. (You've broken me down, Shonda. Hooray for ghost Denny!!!)

missingBurke: Tie between Mark telling Callie she's beautiful after she had her nose broken, and Derek's perplexed "Who's making a porno movie in Izzie's room?"

iheartizzie: I loved Alex's refusal to leave Izzie's side, no matter what a mess she is. If there's a saving grace to the Denny story line, which I find a bit tired (albeit intriguing, certainly), it will be seeing how Alex reacts as things unfold.

Meredith and Cristina Picture

Was Cristina justified in being upset with Meredith?

2. Should Meredith have stood up for more for Cristina?

iheartizzie: I see Cristina's point, that Mer should have shown solidarity, but Mer was put in a really tough spot there. It's hard to see how she could have seen that coming, or what she would have said to share the blame or take the heat.

McCritic: This fight felt forced. Meredith reacted with legitimate shock when the Chief asked Cristina about knowledge of any extracurricular behavior by the interns. How quickly did Cristina expert Meredith to think on her feet?

missingBurke: I think so. The situation unraveled rather quickly, but Meredith had an opportunity to jump in at least once and (intentionally or not) stood there idly.

3. What will be the "new challenge" Bailey embarks on?

missingBurke: Researching the next generation of McNicknames and euphemisms for the va-jay-jay.

McCritic: I think she's make a great dog walker.

iheartizzie: How about piecing her personal life back together? Like the Chief, Miranda has long struggled with work-life balance. It's the ultimate challenge, both in terms of difficulty and importance. Plus, I'd love to see more of the Tucks.

4. Did the interns deserve a harsher punishment?

McCritic: Ummm... yes! They performed an unauthorized surgery and almost killed one of their own. The probation punishment made the original O.J. verdict seem mild.

iheartizzie: Izzie got a slap on the wrist for stealing a freaking heart from a transplant patient and cutting Denny's LVAD wire, so at least the interns' probation makes Seattle Grace protocol seem consistent. At least Lexie & Co. only involved themselves.

missingBurke: Is McDreamy's hair one of the natural wonders of this world?

5. More moving Mark Sloan moment: When he told Callie he looked beautiful, or when he forced the patient's daughter to sleep on his shoulder?

iheartizzie: The latter. He's been getting closer to Callie for a few episodes, so that didn't move me quite as much as his compassion with the patient's daughter. Kudos to Shonda for the continually entertaining and heartwarming evolution of Mark!

missingBurke: Is there anything this man can't do? What's going to be interesting is when Addison comes back. Is there anything left for the two of them?

McCritic: The former. Only someone this McAwesome could sincerely tell Callie she looked beautiful with a broken nose, while also soothing her concerns by saying he'd have sex with her any time she wanted... once she healed, of course. Humor, hotness and a heart that grows bigger by the episode? Mark my words, Sloan is the man.

The Sloan Method

Once merely eye candy and a diversion for Addison and Derek, Dr. Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) is emerging as a favorite of many Grey's Anatomy fans here in Season Five.

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I want Mark with Callie, not Lexie. She looks like a child with him. He is much better with Callie and she could be perfect for George. George is my very favorite character, and I want more of him. Mark is a clsoe second though but it he sleeps with woman-chhild Lexie, he will be ruined for me.


Mark Sloan is awesome!!
He's everything a woman can dream of man!
The last think we didn't know was how he would interact with children. The answer is: fantastic. Addison was SO wrong, he'd be an excellent father!!
He's definitely my favorite caracter in the show!
Sorry Derek but you now have a rival for McDreamy's title ;-)


my favourite quote was when Dr. Hunt told Cristina: "I think you're beautiful". I know it seems very common but commign from Hunt, we'll think twice. Plus I totally love the two of them together. Best couple on Grey's ever!


I know. Some people keep saying Mark and George have no story. Mark has a lot more story than George. George has nothing. He has no story, no friends, no love. I want my George to have it all, darn it.


I am glad Mark has more story, but I also want George to have more. He is my favorite after all and the only reason I still watch.


To me this season they have really given Eric Dane emmy winning material.


haha rentaholic07 I noticed it!!! btw, I LOVE RENT!!
haha do you like Idina Menzel??


It's high time they stopped covering for each other horrificly stupid mistaces! That should have stopped after they covered for Izzie, it should have tought them a lesson, but now they walk around that hospital, thinking they have the right to act stupid! Baily has gone soft, the Chief never was bossy enough, not even now, and the attendings are to occupied having affaires with first year residents! Frankly the only good thing that hospital is good for, is some fun drama on tv but I certainly wouldn't want to be treated there! Talk about unethical conflicts of interesst from the basement to the rooftop!


Mark needs to be with Callie, not Lexie, eww. And when will George finally get a story? I miss him and Izzie sharing scenes.


lolololollol love him awsome...btw more addison with him !!!bring her back!!!! loved her reactions to him...

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