Gretchen Rossi is a New, Real Housewife of Orange County

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The Real Housewives of Orange County viewers met a new cast member on last night's season premiere.

Gretchen Rossi is 30 years old and engaged to a man named Jeff. Here's what we know about the latest spoiler reality TV star:

  • She admits that she isn't attracted to Jeff, but he's 23 years older and buys her nice things;
  • Is an admitted party girl;
  • Jeff as four children and acute Leukemia; the combination frightens Gretchen, who isn't sure if she's ready for motherhood;
  • Gretchen met the other Housewives through realtor Jeana Keough.
Gretchen Rossi Picture

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I think the women on that show are ALL too phoney, my gosh, I have stage 4 cancer, no plastic surgery and look better then any of them. They need to get real, less catty and act like real women, Vicki is from Cary, IL, my goodness, she needs to realize she is pretty ugly and all that goop does not help. I dont see the sense in that show AT ALL, they are so phoney and well NOT entertaining, maybe if they did something GOOD with their time and money????


where is your myspace page, I havent been able to locate it? what is your display name, would love to read more about you! a girl after my own heart.


what is her myspace address? i cant find it anywhere =(


Gretchen is so fun to watch...very sad about the other Jeff......he looked tired on the shows.....i hope she remains on the show....adios....Jeff


very sad I read he died too... She seams more real as although people brandish her, she may like the good life but who doesn't anyway.. she seems genuinely real and can't wait to see her unfold more in front of everyone...


From Gretchen's Myspace page.... Life is an amazing pre-game show before the big GAME in HEAVEN,and I can't wait! God has blessed me with so much: my family, my friends, my fiance' Jeff (who recently passed away-and it has been the most heartbreaking experience of my life) my happy go lucky spirit, my sense of humor, my determintion, my faith. God is the reason life is better, even when life is at it's worst(this really proved true to me in the mist of Jeff's death) I'm really quite simple......I'm super SILLY, I love life, my family, my Jeff, and my dearest of friends. I was so lucky to have a man in my life that spoiled me rotten and loved me like no one ever has. I have a bad taste in my mouth for people who are fake, manipulating, self-serving, and have nothing better to do then talk about someone else. Give it to me straight, even if that means you hate me. I am a big believer in not judging others cause as soon as you do, you will find yourself in the same situation one day. I've made my mistakes and am proud to say I try to learn from them. When you stop and listen to what others have to participate to life you actually learn so much about your own self. Women who don't take action or speak up for what they believe rarely make history! Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius & its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring! I may not be perfect but I'm sure as hell always ME. Never be afraid to be yourself, don't change because others think you should, God made you the way you were for a reason...embrace it. Don't hide in make-up or clothes, or find value in outer beauty, that all fades, and then all you are left with is your true self at the end of the day. Look at that person in the mirror and make sure you are ok with who that is. I have so much left to do, and I wonder if I will ever have the time to do it all....hell, why not, look at Oprah. Ask my friends,I wear high heels with everything to the point where its actually funny. High heels should definately be worn at all times, and absolutely to the pool (makes the cellulite not look so bad). Being girly is my favorite thing to do but kicking the boys butts while I'm wearing heels is even better. My parents have taught me everything I know and am proud to be. They are my heros, role models and most important people in my life. My brother and sister are two of the best people on earth despite how different we are. My family is my rock, my solidtude and my most prized possesion on this earth. I'm so blessed to have friends and family who love me unconditionally, keep me grounded , and make me laugh at life (especially when life gets tough) Funny small facts about me are: I love to be a total dork just to make someone laugh. I love to have a good time, and make sure others around me are having a good time. I wish I had bigger breasts and didn't have to go under the knife to get them. When the sky is blue I'm my happiest, and anyone who knows me, knows I live for the month of October. Halloween is my favorite holiday and yes I always dress up and no I don't have any kids yet either. I decorate for practically every holiday too! I retired from cooking when I tried to hard boil an egg in the microwave (it was not pretty)but I am working on those skills again now, I love to bake but don't have time. I workout cause I have too and care about being healthy. I am blessed to have the ability to be self-sufficent and take care of myself. I love to work and take pride in it. I'm so grateful I own a home and bought it all on my own. I absolutely love animals and even more so adore my two dogs(rocco and vito) who have become a part of my heart. I admire people who give back to this world either thru something as simple as a charity or just by devoting their time to unfortanate people. I hope to make a difference in some way while I am a part of this crazy place called earth. I will always remember that life is better when you can make fun of yourself and then laugh till it hurts.


Since Jeff has passed away, is Gretchen the housewife that leaves the show next week, as the promo's keep alluding to?


This new golddigger better get it in gear. If the boyfriend, Daddy moneybags is ill, she may want to rush the wedding before he kicks. After his death, she could probably shed the kids onto his relatives. She'll still walk away with her main goal accomplished, she'll be the rich widow. Fait accompli!