90210 Round Table: "That Which We Destroy"

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Welcome to the 90210 Insiders Round Table!

While fans meet up in our 90210 forum to discuss their favorite characters and developments, our staff members have arrived to analyze the burning questions and memorable moments from the latest episode.

Our topics from the show include Dixon/Silver, Adrianna's future and shady Sean ...

Will the cheerleader come between Dixon and Silver?
BrendaLova: Sadly, yes. And there's nothing Silver can do about it, with the exception of an inappropriate pigment-alteration. Dixon made it clear last night that he needs to feel a connection to his heritage.

The Real McKay
: Oh, I hope so. What good is a high school romance without a little drama? Plus, did anyone else notice Silver pull away when Dixon went to kiss her at the beginning? Let's find Dixon a girl with a little more chemistry. After the whole Sean debacle, he deserves some lovin.

Wild4Wilds: No way! Dilver forever!

Is Adrianna pregnant?
The Real McKay: Wait .. what? The smell of non-kosher hot dogs make me puke, too. It's not pregnancy, it's called good taste and showing respect to her Jewish boyfriend.

: Sorry for cheating, but previous spoilers make that clear. But the question remains: who is the father?

BrendaLova: Definitely. It was Navid's first time, remember? He probably couldn't last long enough to get the condom on.

Should Kelly forgive Brenda?
Wild4Wilds: Yes. Let's not forget the summer fling between Kelly and Dylan back when Brenda was in France. Sleeping with Ryan doesn't begin to compare to that.

BrendaLova: Yes. But will fans ever forgive Shannen Doherty for letting her looks fall apart to such an extent over the years?

The Real McKay
: No way! Kelly, you are too sweet to keep letting Brenda do this to you. Kelly, let me put it this way. Guys are like cut flowers. Girls are like plants. Brenda is like a weed. Rip her out of the ground.

Who was Sean talking to on the phone?
BrendaLova: Tracy Clark. She obviously wants Harry back and will somehow use Sean as a way to manipulate the situation.

The Real McKay: His real parents who sent him on this mission to steal a few plasmas and pieces of Tabitha's expensive art collection. Or scotch collection. It's probably much more impressive.

Wild4Wilds: Naomi. Any time something shady occurs on the show, she's my first suspect.

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