90210 Round Table: "Secrets and Lies"

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Welcome to the 90210 Insiders Round Table!

While fans meet up in our 90210 forum to discuss their favorite characters and developments, our staff members have arrived to analyze the burning questions and memorable moments from the latest episode.

Our topics from the show include Harry's secret, Ryan's punishment and more ...

Should Harry have revealed the truth about his son sooner?
BrendaLova: No. It was a shock to Harry's system, too, when he found out. Nothing wrong with needing some time to process the news before sharing it with the kids.

The Real McKay: Although it's felt like Harry's known this forever, let's not forget it's only been about six episodes! I think it's perfectly fine Harry waited as long as he could and could have waited longer, and,the only reason Harry should even have needed to tell them is to make sure Annie doesn't hook up with her half brother! Cause, eww, that could have been gross.

Wild4Wilds: Maybe. But he was likely distracted by his wife's beauty. I understand.

Was Ryan's suspension too harsh of a punishment?
The Real McKay: No way. Harry's gotta appear tough and keep up the illusion for Kimberly! But let's hope she catches some major thugs to make it worth it 'cause we all <3 Ryan at the Insiders.

Wild4Wilds: As long as he got to go home with Kimberly, why should he care?!?

BrendaLova: Yes. You can reimburse Ryan for salary lost. But how will you ever make up for his soiled reputation at school?

Think of a nickname for Navid and Adrianna.
Wild4Wilds: Tough one. I'll go with "Nadrianna."

BrendaLova: Adrid.

The Real McKay: Nava sounds like a delicious coffee beverage and a cute couple to me!

How will Naomi exact revenge against Annie?
BrendaLova: By sinking her claws/breasts into Dixon. This will spurn both her new best friend and her old one.

The Real McKay: Ooh, Naomi does not seem like a girl you won't to cross! I think she'll do it in a much more clever way then when her mother had to duke it out with Debbie! I'm pretty sure she can use her social standing to take down Annie and it seems like a very Beverly Hills thing to do.

Wild4Wilds: By snapping her bra. Girls hate that!

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