A Review of Eli Stone Quotes from Season One

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As fans prepare for the second season premiere of Eli Stone tomorrow night, here's a fun way to catch up on the series.

We've compiled an assortment of thoughts, George Michael fantasies utterances from season one. We'll update this section after each new episode of the new season, of course.

For now, though, enjoy the sample below and browse around our complete collection of Eli Stone quotes now...

Eli: Are you God?
George Michael: Well, some men have said so.

Eli: Patti, do you notice something strange about Maggie?
Patti: I don't notice anything other than strange about that girl.

Patti: Objection! Condescending.
Eli: It was not!
Patti: I have been a legal secretary ever since you were an itch in your daddy's pants. I know an objectionable question when I hear one.

Holly: You really have a way with women.
Eli: I'm not sure how it happened, but I think my having an aneurysm pisses her off.

Eli: I know this is a strange question.
Patti: Like you ask any other kind.

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Eli Stone Quotes

Lenore: So, his father and I went outside to find Eli naked covered in feathers and chocolate syrup.
Eli: Thanks, Mom. [to Nathan] And thank you, too.
Nathan: Come on, I was ten. Just be glad I couldn't find tar.

Are you breaking up with me? 'Cause I-I was just diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, and that would be really bad timing on your part.

Eli Stone