How I Met Your Mother Spoilers: Future of Relationships

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Thanks to Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online, we have some upcoming How I Met Your Mother spoilers from her talking directly with cast members. You ready for the goods?

Barney & Robin: Although the love of his life Robin headed off to Japan, it doesn't look like Robin will be gone too long. Apparently she'll be back in time for Ted and Stella's yoga-retreat wedding. According to the man behind Barney, Neil Patrick Harris, "Well, it’s no secret that at the end of season three Barney has some more feelings for Robin. By feelings, I mean downstairs, you know what I’m talking about? I think a yoga retreat seems the perfect location—what with the legs-behind-the-ears poses and things—to make that kind of move. So that’s my plan." Woohoo!

Barney and Robin

Marshall & Lily: Don't worry! Things are still going strong for this solid as a rock couple. But according to Josh, "Lily and Marshall start having a mature conversation about things." Kristin seems to think it's babies. Josh neither confirmed nor denied when he said, "We’ll see. I don’t know. They start having a conversation. I didn’t say babies. You said babies."

Ted & Robin: While nothing will be happening romantically again between these exes, according to Josh Radnor, "There’s a cool development with Robin and Ted that’s not necessarily romantic, but it’s cool. I’ll just say that." Kristin seems to think it's Robin moving into his old apartment. Well with Marshall and Lily moving out, she could be right on the money.

Ted and Robin

Ted & Stella: Last, but not least, the couple everyone wants to know about. Is Stella their mother!? Unfortunately all Kristin has for us is some advice Marhsall gives Ted about marriage, "Just say yes to whatever she wants. Don’t ever argue or try to put your own point of view forward. Just become a total zombie to your wife’s whims."

I know it wasn't quite the How I Met Your Mother spoilers you were craving, but it's the best you're getting for now. So thank Kristin and we'll have more for you as we get them!

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