Heroes Round Table: Dying of the Light

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Welcome to our 16th Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the

Will HRG and Meredith make a good team?
Timex: Only if they go up against horny male villains who do nothing but drool over Meredith. The use of fire doesn't seem very effective against some of the bad asses we've met.

A. Hiro: I'm not a fan of Meredith's use this season. Previously, she was nothing more than a weak individual who used her ability to light a cigarette in her trailer. Now, she's proven enough to team up with my main man, HRG?!?

Milover: Maybe. But I'm just excited for when Claire finally partners with her father.

Are you scared of Arthur Petrelli?
Milover: Yes. Did you not see what the guy did to Peter, his own flesh and blood?!?

Timex: I'm scared of his power, sure. But that personality, so far, seems closer to a fun uncle.

A. Hiro: Not really. I'm all for dry wit and sarcasm, but this is the man gathering the world's most villain's individuals for a plot of worldwide domination? Give me some sneering!

Name Parkman's turtle.
A. Hiro: Molly.

Milover: Daphne Slowsky.

Timex: J.J.

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