Heroes Round Table: Angels and Monsters

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Welcome to our 15th Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the Round Table.  I'm pretty sure Maya was on the top of everyone's list.

Is Ando really dead?
Timex: No!  There's no way one half of my favorite duo on Heroes could be dead.  Luckily, the man who kills him has the ability to control space and time.  Ando shall rise and entertain me again.

A. Hiro: Of course not. Hiro can go back in time, remember?!? (Which does force us to ask: Why didn't he just go back in time and NOT open his father's safe with the formula?)

Milover: I'm actually gonna say yes. The show needs more surprises and this would definitely shock viewers.

Choose a side in the developing Claire/HRG feud.
Milover: Claire, and here's why: HRG has to accept that Claire has abilities. Give up on the notion that she'll ever be normal and actually use your daughter for Company good, HRG. You keep playing with her emotions.

Timex: Ugh, Clarie when will you learn to trust HRG?  How could you make me choose when you know I will always have to side with HRG?  You may have the beauty, but I'm scared to be on any side but that of HRG.

A. Hiro: HRG. The dude is shady, but always has the best interests of his family in mind. Stop questioning his motives, Claire. Wasn't this covered in season one with the amazing episode, Company Man?

Will Sylar grow into a full-fledged hero?
A. Hiro: Did you see that creepy smile on Sylar's face when Claire got out of the car last night? The dude always has a plan... and it's never heroic!

Milover: I don't think anyone on the show is a "full-fledged" hero, that's precisely what this season is all about. Just look at Peter and, of course, Mohinder.

Timex: I'm sorry, there's no way I could ever trust Sylar.  Just because he finds out Angela is his mother does not make him suddenly a good guy.  He's obviously doing this for some reason and we will find out why.

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