Heroes Round Table: One of Us, One of Them

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Welcome to our 13th Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the Timex: I gotta tell you, I did not miss him from last week's episode. And, realistically, I don't think I'd miss him from the show. Do what you gotta do to get rid of him, writers.

What was Claire's birth mom thinking?!?
Timex: She must have just watched "How to Lose Biological Daughters & Alienate People."

A. Hiro: I have no idea. But what was HRG doing entrusting his family to a woman that had already proven to be irresponsible and whose sole power involved the making of fire?

Milover: Can't say I approve of the torture... but at least fire-starting mom was trying to relate to Claire and assist her with her issues. Useless, real mom is simply an enabler, as proven by her approval of Claire's so-called sleepover.

Which do you prefer: Evil Sylar or Good Sylar?
Milover: As long as we have villains to battle, I'm okay with a Good Sylar. And, besides, at least Good Sylar seems to have a nasty side still. This is going to be one hell of a fun season!

Timex: I don't think there are Good and Evil Sylars. In the end, this season will show that all characters have shades of grey to them.

A. Hiro: Good Sylar. The concept of "good" is relative, of course, but my favorite development of the season - by far - is idea that various Heroes might be switching sides and truly taking the show in a new direction.

Is Hiro, or Ando, more to blame for their current strife?
A. Hiro: Hiro! Look, it was admirable in the first season when he sought a life with meaning outside his company's cubicle; same for season two when he sacrificed his own heart in order to take on the role of Kensei. The guy was being selfless throughout. Now, though, Hiro is so desperate for a quest that he's endangering the world and disobeying his father's orders. Get a new hobby, man.

Milover: Hiro. Robin may be useless, but Batman was at least keen enough to always make him feel wanted.

Timex: Ando. I could never blame Hiro for anything. I can't believe Ando knocked the Haitian out over the head. Does he realize he's messing with the company? Enjoy Level Five, boys. You can thank Ando for that one.

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