Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Ex-Files"

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Mister Meester: Does Nate even know where he is right now? Dude is so clueless, it'll take him weeks to figure out everything that happened around him in the last 15 minutes.

Gossip Guy: Well, my vote is for anyone but Vanessa. Hey, I hear Serena is single now.

DANdy: Hopefully a Barney marathon. Dude has to learn to brighten up.

4. Do you like the new, quasi-evil, queen Serena?

Gossip Guy: I don't think like begins to describe the emotion. Serena is finally being the bitch we always knew she was. Sure I loved the Serena she was with Dan, but I think this is the real Serena and it's hot.

DANdy: I liked the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra throughout the three-way date at the club. But no matter how sexy this queen may be, I'll always lament her straddling a throne instead of Dan. Derena 4 eva!

Mister Meester: I wasn't a huge fan at first, but S' transformation should set up some serious drama with Blair. Two words: Cat. Fight.

Sexy School Girl

5. Moron of the Week: Rufus (spurning Lily), Dan (getting played by Chuck and terrible actress who portrayed Amanda) or Vanessa (screwing up Blair's plan)?

Gossip Guy: First, I've been saying this the last two round tables, but Dan is the moron of the week, month, year, decade, and century. He gave up Serena to go for the terrible actress that played Amanda? Seriously? I give second to Rufus for turning away his favorite blonde and bottle of wine.  Vanessa, you're barely worthy of me mentioning your name.

DANdy: I admired Rufus for taking a stand, despite the likely longing in his pants and his heart; and who can blame Vanessa for thinking Blair was up to no good? Dan, however, will forever be the original specimen of a new species known as Perpetual Moronic Erectus for his dumping of Serena.

Mister Meester: Dan. See photo above.


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