90210 Round Table: "Lucky Strike"

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Welcome to the 90210 Insiders Round Table!

While fans meet up in our 90210 forum to discuss their favorite characters and developments, our staff members have arrived to analyze the burning questions and memorable moments from the latest 90210 episode.

Our topics from the show's premiere include a missing grandmother, Annie's choice, sympathy for Naomi and more ...

Where the heck was Tabitha Wilson?
BrendaLova: Give the old broad a break. She's gotta be close to 72. No way she'd be in shape to go bowling, or run for President.

The Real McKay: Being seriously missed by me! Did the producers read last week's round table? If so, why would they leave out The Real McKay's favorite character!? Hopefully, Tabitha was just on a vacation and not at AA. I love her drunk.

Wild4Wilds: I was wondering the same thing! But then I remembered her car accident last week. She's probably in bed, recovering.

Who should Annie date: Ethan or Ty?
The Real McKay: Ooh, this one is tough. Ty's got the looks and the money, but, man, he was seriously sleazing me out with the looks he was given Ethan. Ethan's been growing on me a lot so I'd have to give it up to my favorite lacrosse player.

Wild4Wilds: Why not both?!? Oh, wait, Annie is from Kansas, not Utah.

BrendaLova: Annie is new in school. She needs friends more than boyfriends, so she ought to keep Ethan around as a buddy. But Ty? He obviously isn't using her for sex, as the dude chose music over making out. He seems a viable candidate for Annie's first Beverly Hills fling.

Do you feel bad for Naomi?
Wild4Wilds: Of course. Naomi can relate to being a bitch, but she can't relate to cheating. She must feel so lost at home.

BrendaLova: Nah. The Mr. and Mrs. Clark relationship appears to mirror that of Bill and Hillary Clinton. And Chelsea Clinton has turned out perfectly fine.

The Real McKay: Yes! She may be a spoiled brat, but this has been some messed up stuff. Not only does her trip get cancelled, but it was cancelled for the sleaziest reason!

Will Ryan ever get to meet Sammy?
BrendaLova: Yes. But just as Ryan and Kelly are getting serious, Dylan will re-enter the picture. And as Matt found out in Beverly Hills 90210, nice guys don't stand a chance around the ever-brooding McKay.

The Real McKay: Yes, absolutely. Ryan's got to prove that he's not just gonna be another man that gets close to Sammy and then disappears out of her life. Now the real question is: who's the father!? Was it the other Real McKay (Dylan) or Brandon!? I need to know!!

Wild4Wilds: I doubt it. Kelly seems very protective of her son. Makes me think whoever the father is hurt her really badly. :(

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