Gossip Girl Spoiler: A New Love For Serena?

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Reading Michael Ausiello's column today in Entertainment Weekly, we came across this interesting Gossip Girl spoiler we thought we'd share ...

Q: Any Gossip Girl gossip?

A: Team Schwavage (Josh Schwartz-Stephanie Savage) is going to unveil a new lust interest for Serena van der Woodsen, and I hear he's loosely based on a dude named Aaron Rose from the Gossip Girl books. Don't read? Me neither! Thank God for Wikipedia, which describes Aaron as the "herb cigarette-smoking and vegan step-brother of Blair Waldorf and son of Cyrus Rose. He drives a red Saab, and had an un-requited crush on his stepsister, Blair. Later on he dated both Serena and Vanessa, and was accepted to Harvard University."

Interesting! While we doubt that Serena's love interest will be connected to Blair in this fashion in the TV series, it will be interesting to watch if he's at all like his book character. What does everyone else think?

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Will Serena be romanced by a new man this season?

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Serena/Aaron would be a lot more interesting than Serena/Dan


as long as she stays away from dan im happy. they are probably the most boring couple ive ever seen.


oh no!! I really hope not! In the books Aaron really annoyed me because he was soo hippie! Also because the whole 'thing' he has for Blair is just too creepy. She's his step-sister!
Dan and Serena are meant to be!They need to be together


what about dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont like the new guy alredy


I hope Serena ends up with Dan all over again . Aaron should get out of the picture .


I hated Aaron and his stupid hippie attitude the whole time I was reading the books. I really hope this is a short fling and Serena ends up with Dan.


I really want Serena to get back with Dan so i hope she doesn't go with this Aaron guy.


It would be so awesome if they kept his unrequited crush for Blair, even while he is a love interest for Serena. Talk about going full circle.


I really want her to get back w/ dan but i dont think thats gunna happen. this story line could be interesting though xx


had read this before
wonder who will take this place

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