Gossip Girl Spoiler: A New Love For Serena?

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Reading Michael Ausiello's column today in Entertainment Weekly, we came across this interesting Gossip Girl spoiler we thought we'd share ...

Q: Any Gossip Girl gossip?

A: Team Schwavage (Josh Schwartz-Stephanie Savage) is going to unveil a new lust interest for Serena van der Woodsen, and I hear he's loosely based on a dude named Aaron Rose from the Gossip Girl books. Don't read? Me neither! Thank God for Wikipedia, which describes Aaron as the "herb cigarette-smoking and vegan step-brother of Blair Waldorf and son of Cyrus Rose. He drives a red Saab, and had an un-requited crush on his stepsister, Blair. Later on he dated both Serena and Vanessa, and was accepted to Harvard University."

Interesting! While we doubt that Serena's love interest will be connected to Blair in this fashion in the TV series, it will be interesting to watch if he's at all like his book character. What does everyone else think?

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Will Serena be romanced by a new man this season?

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Yes Go S and D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope she gets back with Dan They are so good together.
They are like my fav couple wtf they better get back together. These last couple of shows have really pissed me off. Grrr but I still love watching gossip girl!


S and A.. New love? For a while is ok.. But isnt love. Serena love Dan so much. Go S and D..


I don't think Aaron and Blair should ever be together. Blair and Chuck should stay together. They bring out the best in each other. I also want Dan and Serena to get back together. Dan should just ignore Serena's past. Serena has changed!


Ohhhh cool. This could be cool. i just hope that he's with blair, im friends with the girl above and we both like the same couple. so do a lot of people actually.


Omg, this is pretty cool. I hope that he does have a thing for Blair. It will cause drama, and I think they would be cute together. More so than Chuck and Blair and I LOVE THEM TOGETHER. I DON'T KNOW WHY I LIKE THIS COUPLE SO MUCH FROM THE BOOKS.


who watched the O.C. i did and josh schwarts def wrote for it...sounds like hes just doing the same thing he did in the oc with marrissa and ryan. i hate to say this but its very unoriginal..although i love the show love it its just the same show, different town different threads...Boy that doesnt fit in meets girl they fall in love then the drama comes and splits them appart and try as they may nothing will ever get them back to the untainted love they knew in the begining oh so sad lol


okay what is with all of you judgemental people?!
your all like "i already dont like this aaron guy! what about dannn ? :(" if you read the books you would lnow better! hes not all that hippie like you probably imagine! also Serena actually liked aaron, things didnt really work out between her and dan, she though he was too stalker. but i do think you should get a little more background info on aaron before judgung him so much. in my opinion, im glad they are getting back on track with the books and making sure all of the characters are there. im interested in seeing how things will differ from the book. I do think Dan and Serena will end back up together in the end, they have such good chemistry in the showw.


...what about serena/nate... i wish they would be a unit :(


omg nooo i love darena they are my favorite couple ever! :( im so sad bc i saw this video on youtube that showed them breaking up again from season two but this time probably for real.. but they said they still loved eachother.

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