90210 Spoiler of the Century: The Return of Dylan McKay!!!

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Everyone know how much Dylan McKay likes to make an entrance. Or an exit, really. Only to make an entrance again years later.

Well, according to a reliable source at Zap2It, the character may be up to his old tricks.

As reported awhile ago, Kelly Taylor will have a four-year old son on the new 90210. The obvious assumption was that the child was the offspring of Kelly and Dylan.

Since then, however, Luke Perry has denied any desire to return to the zip code that made him famous. And the network hasn't announced plans to bring him back.

Still, the aforementioned insider said the eventual return of Dylan was likely. Guess we'll need to tune in and find out.

As if we weren't going to anyway!

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brandon should be the father of kelly kid do a paternity test bring back kelly and brandon back together again. they robbed their ending together on both shows. everyone wants really kelly and brandon together and donna and david together and dylan with brenda or valerie that would be a remarkable ending. from number 1 fan always pauline


bring back brandon walsh. brandon and kelly taylor need reunion. brandon should be the father not dylan. do a paternity test and have the kid be brandon. we need kelly brandon david donna steve janet claie and valeie and noah reunion.
sammy looks more like brandon and steve.


I hate Donna Martin- she was so spoiled. She thinks she is funny, but she is not. I love Dylan & Brenda together, but I think that ship has sailed. Kelly is too good for Dylan! she should find her son a decent father that puts her and her son 1st. With the childhood Dylan had you would think he would not put his son through the same BS! Unless Kelly has never told Dylan about Sammy until Dylan can be a husband and a father, then it is not Dylan's fault.


kelly/brandon belong together they had more going than d/k


I love Dylan and Kelly!!! They Belong together and I hope hope hope that Luke Perry comes back! Even if its just a few episodes. I loved the orginal BH90210 so its only fitting that they would allow Kel and Dylan be happy and end up together!!


This is awesome! Bring back Dylan! Question: If Dylan comes back to 90210 will he still be sporting the long sideburns? I sure hope so. Krissy for Musky Queen 2008!


OMG, love it.... Love Dylan & Kelly. I'm an original 90210'r. So happy to hear that Dylan is Sammie's Daddy!!!


OMG will someone out there tell me what is going on? My old 90's feelings came back to life inside me when I heard that Brenda and Kelly were going to be on the show and now to hear Dylan's sweet name...ahhhhh!


Please bring Brandon back we need to see more of the old charaters back thats the only reason that we all watch the show..The new charaters seem so hollow.We need Branda and Kelly to talk about the past It would be more normal if they do.I would if I had not seen a friend in years.


steve! nope not steve. did anyone else notice the wavy/curly hair on Luke Perry's Dylan??? I can't see them busting up steve and janet's marriage especially since Ian isn't coming back.

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