Nate or Chuck: Who Would You Rather ...

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... you know.

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nate! nate not a manipulative, he's better than chuck


CHuck!Chuck!Chuck!He is sooo hot and that accent, it makes me melt.


CHUCK!!! i love him


NATIE he is so sexy and hot. and he is so sweet! i loooove him


Ideally, Chace Crawford the actor and Chuck Bass the character...but since I can only pick one here...I'd have to go with Chuck. What can I say? I'm attracted to jerks, who deep down are actually pretty sensitive :)


i like both of them!!
but nate is just too COOL...


Chuck. He is one & only!


both ahaha


NATE because he is so hot and he just is a better person than chuck. chuck is just an @ss to everyone.


uhm, this is a hard question. but I would have to do with chuck.


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