Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Rose Sticking Around?

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Here's a Grey's Anatomy spoiler from TV Guide that you may not like: Rose may be no shrinking violet when it comes to getting dumped by Derek.

Given the cozy, candle-burning climax of Grey's Anatomy's Season 4 finale, it's no big surprise that Lauren Stamile's run may be nearing its end.

But this oh-so-nice nurse won't be scrubbed out quietly.

Sources reveal that when Rose learns she has been excised from the star surgeon's love life, she plays it cool ... but only with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo).

On the flip side, she is far from laid back about the whole thing with Derek (Patrick Dempsey) the boyfriend she had started to fall in love with.

"I'd count on at least one emotional outburst," said a source on the Grey's Anatomy set. "Rose is not her usual composed self with Derek."

Derek and Rose

Moreover, while there has been talk that Lauren Stamile will only appear in the two-hour (!) Season 5 opener, there are also rumblings that Rose may remain a thorn (sorry for the pun) in the supercouple's side a bit longer than that.

What do you think? Do you want Rose to wither away for good, or will a little more drama strengthen Grey's Anatomy - and MerDer's relationship?

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How can you hate someone for the part they play? She must be a threat and doing a good job to have so much animosity towards herr1 I've seen lauren Stamile in other parts besides Rose. She is a fine actress. i think her part started out stronger and Shondra was afraid she would get the support she is getting and made her a little more mousy. Don't kid yourself, Rose is a strong and vital character to this company and should stay where she is. She can stand on her own two feet without Dr. Shepard. Keep her, your ratings might go back up!!


I think Rose is a great addition to the show. I wish that Derek had more of a hard time deciding what to do. I say keep her as a regular!! She is adorable!!


like rose. hated her at first, but now she's too good for derek. keep her and get rid of Izzie! let merder be together, but keep rose. maybe shondra will get a clue and not introduce any new chars in the new season.


KEEP ROSE!! I mean what are the creators thinking? You intro us to someone who can make the show more interesting and now you want to let her go? NO WONDER THE RATINGS ARE DOWN!! I'm getting so tired of Grey's-you take away good storylines.


Oh please...all you critical fans who bark your threats of never watching the show if Rose is kept on. Who are you even trying to kid? You'll be watching irrespective of whomever stays or goes. You know that. And so do the writers, as well as Shonda.


I love Rose on the show! She's classy, beautiful and adds to the show IMO. Keep her!!!!!!!!!!


rose just sucks and she just does NOT fit the show. the writer got the part of mcdreamy's ex right with addison. get rid of rose because she really sucks


rose sucks and she just fit the show. the writer at least got the actress right with addison as mcdreamy's ex. she's got class. get rid of rose. will not vote nor watch the show if rose is stilltied in the mer/der drama. she really sucks! and she yuks


Puts Rose w/h McSteamy! The End!!!!


you wake up! life is not a completed math equation. it's life---which is complicated, unpredictable, and obtuse. i'm married, a mother, and a nurse, and i see rose as real, gritty, and honest. keep her on the show and watch what evolves.

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