Lee Pace Speaks on Pushing Daisies, Values

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When asked by E! News if there a moral lesson fans should take from a series on which the lovers don't sleep together, Lee Pace recently replied:

"That wasn't the intention. Some people in America have interpreted it like that, and I don't think it's a bad thing. These are two people who love each other very much and choose to be together even though they're never going to get drunk and sleep together.

It's not that show. I think it's kind of sexy that they can't touch. It's the longest foreplay ever."

Setting a Pace

Lee Pace, looking adorable as always, answered questions at the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

As for whether or not Ned and Chuck will see other people in season two, the actor offered this mini Pushing Daisies spoiler:

"Maybe. One of the big things that happens at the beginning of the second season is that Chuck moves out. So it's not going to be easy anymore for Ned. It's good. They need to see other people."

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