A Grey's Anatomy Character Pregnant in Season Five?

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It's not clear whether this is a full-blown Grey's Anatomy spoiler or only rumor material, but sources, including Michael Ausiello of TV Guide, have hinted that someone who shared big smooch in the finale may be pregnant.

Which Grey's Anatomy character it be, if this were the case? It would have to be Meredith Grey or Callie Torres, we'd think, for obvious reasons.

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Considering all the time spent in the on-call room with Mark, Callie would seem to be the most obvious choice - and throwing a surprise pregnancy into the mix with her fledging lesbian romance would certainly create big drama!

On the flip side, might it be possible that Meredith Grey is somehow pregnant with Derek Shepherd's baby? How long have they gone without ... you know? It's unclear, but with production Season Five (!) underway soon, it's fun to discuss.

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I think Izzie will be preggers. She is an amazing actress and has made the programme what it is. She has had a shit role and pulled her self out of emmy nomination because of it. They need to pull out the stop or she'll leave the show. Her being preggers would keep her there n happy for at least a season or 2. There will be a massive story line of how she'll keep the baby cos she gave the other one up, then u'll see her and o'mally and mer try work n raise him! Would be wicked!


Remember when Joe and his gay friend got the babies? So it wouldn't be anything new if callie and Erica would get a baby. But it would be hilarious if Mark would become a dad.
It think that Lexie is pregnant but i hope it's mer


They haven't said it who ever it is will be pregnant in the first few episodes. It could be Mer and she might find out in the last episode .... I have to agree with McCallica if it is Callie it would mean the writers giving her two really big story lines. The lesbian/new relationship and a pregnacy/triangle ... seems a lot for a 'background' character.


Everybody's so sure that it's gonna be Callie. ^^


adele is like 50, she cant get pregnant. plus that storyline already happened.
i think its gonna be calllie.
rose can't be pregnant, shonda already said that.
and mer getting knocked up would be WAY to fast.


rose it is not pregnant.


Rose is pregnant with Derek's baby!


why is everybody so against mer being the one who's pregnant??? It would be a great way to bring merder back together think about it, and the writer done said that she was putting them back together, i so hope it's not callie, now izzie she could be a possibility, i just hope it is mer or izzy...and i so hate rose, i just wish they would take her off the show!!!!


OMG!!!! WHAT IF ITS ROSE!! seriously...think about it


Callie gets pregnant...the two biggest stories around her...I like her, but...are you sure...? All the other...again a / a new relationship...unexciting...! "Pregnancy" and "Lesbian Relationship"...I think that's too much for "Callica+Mark"...!

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